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St Patty moving slow this morn!
Furman+5 over SDSt (1*)
Momentum and confidence
Michigan +3 over Vandy (1*)
I like the matchup and the pts .
More later


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After two days am 9-11 but yesterday hit my top plays bringing the net to 0*
At 2 pm, if anyone has followed my posts during the season, you know how much I favored Hofstra and they won a bunch for us. Not getting off that pony today as they are just too well rounded and shoot at high %
Hofstra +2 Over (1*)Cincinatti who are inconsistent
Duke-3 over Tenn (2*) I have Duke going to final 4 and Tenn is still minus one of their top players. Duke is HOT<HOT<HOT
Auburn +5' over Houston (1*)
Sasser probably out or hobbled for Houston. Houston dont cover spreads as a fav anyhow and Charles Barkley (Auburn Alumnus) says they win straight good enough for me. And this is essentially a home game for Auburn
Alabama-8' over Maryland (1.5*)
Maryland lucky to have W Va in first game but Alabama is not W Va, Clearly the better team , playing well and should roll tonight

The following have my attention and may become action plays (.5*)

How did Princeton out rebound the bigs for Arizona? Can they do the same vs Mizzoo. The IVY style always screws up teams like Mizzo who are offensive minded and dont play much defense. Live dog here
With all the talent Kansas has ( and every year) they prove that anyone can be the Coach.
Should be able to take care of business vs and Ark team that just had a nice draw (Illinois) in first game.
Texas defends the trey exceptionally well which will take away a big part of Penn St game. But darn PSU has been playing tuff and can winn close games ( still thinking about this one as I have Tex going to final 4)

If you want more exposure:
SanJose State -8' over a nobody
Charlotte -6 coming from a much better conf
Take a look


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Never realized that Tenn were dirty players.
ESPN guys can say that they are just big grown men but that was shitty referring from the start .I saw no less than 3 flagrant fouls that were not called . Cmon, am elbow to the gut, a swinging elbow to the head, a running hip check . Might not have made a diff as Duke is not a physical team but
The playing field was slanted
Just my humble opinion.