NCAA Sunday


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Not having much fun yet sitting 15-16 -1.0* +juice
Early Non MM plays all for .5*
Wisk -3 they look serious
Eastern Wash +11 , OK state doesnt want to be here EW does
UAB-14' over Moorhead. Moorhead in a really weak conf and UAB can score the rock
More better stuff coming


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In the CBI < the godfather, wallet expanding lock of the tourney ( not serious)
Tarleton -1 over Radford ( as much as you dare***)
Strength of Schedule Tarleton 100, Radford 275. Tarl has played ASU, Baylor, Drake, and beat Belmont and Bost College.... nuff said

Marquette -2' over Michigan State. (2*)Not a vintage Izzo team, no real go to guy but play well as a team. Not the Izzo trademark of good rebounding and they have a very mediocre big men in middle. MArquette is GOOD, they score the rock, rebound and make their FT's 77% (MSU has been poor at the line)
UConn -4 over St MArys (1*) Uconn is a final 4 team, big , strong and should over power St M
Creighton +1 over Baylor ; Creighton nice current form and never know what you will get withBaylor

Still looking at late games and if anyone can figure out the FDU/FAU match ....
you are joking. Who the F knows but FDU plus a lot of points cant be bad!


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LOL...did you see the end of the OK st/EWU game? It was 14 points, OK let the shot clock run out with10 sec left in the game, EWU walks it down not looking like they were going to shoot, camera goes to the coaches shaking hands as the EWU player put up the shot with a second left, makes it but they didn't show the push but goes to show you how the margin of winning and losing a bet is sometimes in someone else's hands.


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Got that right buddy , hate those I don’t care shots at the buzzer as well as those fouls with 2 sec left on clock and you are losing by more than 3.
Looks like a lot of wise guys are on FAU ????
I’m adding
Zags -4’ over TCU (1*)
And SGR’s fav team
Utah Valley +4’ over Colorado (1*)
UTV are a really good team.


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Was too busy to post this weekend. Went 5-8 sooo. But I like the Antelopes. Played them but didn’t post. GL!