NFL Week 11


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Based upon some serious #SDQL perusing and fact finding...

SUN. NOV 22nd: 1 unit each

Panthers\Lions OV 46.5 1.90
NYJ +10 1.90
MIN -7 1.90
Packers\Colts UN 51.5 1.90
Falcons\Saints UN 49 1.90
Jaguars\Steelers OV 46 1.90
Eagles\Browns OV 47 1.90


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GL today pal....staying as far the hell away from you as possible....I remember our last picks together....GEEZ....what were we
As you see in my thread we do not have a SAME pick...LMAO....GL with ur plays today Bro.....Lid


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Thanks IceP and lid. Yeah I remember our last collaboration lid. Just trying to get ahead bit by bit. Always been a totals fan; just threw the sides in for fun.