NHL 2023 is almost here


That's right the fastest game on the planet is right around the corner...

Hopefully the many personnel changes, team upgrades, super star signings, and lastly the games themselves will provide us here at EE with the essential 'tools of the trade' to have a prosperous season.

This NHL Handicapping Forum is a long standing (22 + years), stalwart community of many recreational wagerers providing daily insights and reasons to invest your hard earned $$$.

If you prefer other leagues, please feel free to post all your plays here at Everyedge no matter where the locale of the game(s) may be playing.

Yes, social media is out there, but you don't have to put your trust the 1,000's of supposed experts professing and touting their trade for the masses.

Please participate here and I'm positive that you will reap the benefits of many knowledgeable people in a friendly, monitored and safe & secure environment.
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