NHL Ties Nov 10


Not much to choose from tonight....best bet is Carolina /Calgary BOL!

VisitorOTOT AveG/S OTOT DueSOSO AveG/S SOSO DueHomeOTOT AveG/S OTOT DueSOSO AveG/S SOSO DueTtl OT gmTtl OT DueTtl SO gmTtl SO DueGm Goal Total#OT H2H L10Last 10 H2H OT and SO*
Calgary53.202-1.228.005-3.0Carolina43.250-3.326.592.59-4.54-0.55.662at 3, 5*
New Jersey27.004-3.027.004-3.0Boston35.001-4.011510-5.05-7.03-8.05.562at 6*,7


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Thanks for the info Jaws, missed the games tonight, didnt really like either one anyway. Off to cap tomorrow.
You have anything yet for them?


Hi Coates - sorry for the slow reply - internet down all night ...just got it going - if it stays connected I'll have stats up fairly early tomorrow - already did the match up data just need tonights game results and i can sort and post it....