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So you make an initial early play.
But you read into the game more as it approaches and u second guessing.

Better to stand or sway.


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Hey CC.
Was your initial play made based on the line offered or your handicap of that game up to the point?
I find myself in the same situation many times over and it can be regrettable at times but others it's profitable.
With weekly games I usually wait to make a play after noting the opening offerings from books. If you play with a bookie, you probably won't have this option.
In so far as the daily routine for MLB, or even 2 to 3 or 4 times a week like the NHL & NBA; you feel rushed or super excited at times. I just plug away with the opening lines in mind; then look for the best number.
Key for me is multiple outs to find your advantages $$$ wise and play within my bankroll status for value.


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Asked the question based on suicide pool im in but definitely applies to other wagers also.

Example i have two entries, i was taking TB for sure on one. The other I went with NE. As Sunday comes and Pat injuries racked up i was going to flip and take TB on both. (not ideal as loss and ur gone) i let the NE play ride. (got lucky for sure)

Its similar in Fantasy sports also. Set roster but you have a gut feel on a guy on your bench, if I leave them more often than not they score well and my gut feeling was right.


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Welcome to EE!

I tend to lean to line movment rather than coin flip lol.
But I suppose both have 50% shot unless ya push.

Need to work on my inner ESP.