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Want to begin by wishing all our American brothers and sisters a happy thanksgiving ! We start a new week with three games today and interesting to see six teams today all coming into their games off losses last week. These Thanksgiving games have traditionally been kind to favourites as has been noted here by other posters but I’m bucking that trend today as I’ve never been a big fan of trends in my betting career. I did have what was going to be my first 5* play of the season tonight but I have downgraded it somewhat due to some key injuries but will still play it for less…………….…………………………

New Orleans Saints +6.5 ***

This was going to be a 5* play but I am cutting back with news of Ramczyck and Kpassagnon out tonight along with Kamara and Davenport in fact these Saints have nine players on the injured list for this game. This game opened at Buff -4 and has been bet up to 6.5 because of these absences but I still like these Saints to give Buffalo a game in one of the toughest places to play in the NFL for a visiting team especially in a prime time game! i just can’t see Buffalo turning things around with the snap of a finger here tonight, they have been horrible lately not being able to score and showing signs of a team that has lost all confidence highlighted by players and coaches hanging their heads down on the sidelines which is not a good sign for a team being asked to lay close to a touchdown on the road in a place like New Orleans. The Saints can deliver huge Defensive efforts at home and I’m expecting just that from them tonight vs this peashooter O that is the Buffalo Bills! Give me the 6.5 big points in what should be a close game decided by a field goal either way. E

I’ve already played the Lions +3.5 earlier this week as I believe they have a big shot to win this game vs a lousy Bears team who are coached by an idiot who along with the GM won’t be around next season. That number is no longer available so I won’t post it because the hook is big in the NFL but I wouldn’t blink twice in playing it if I were you. Bol E
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I'm also thinking that this may be the only game Detroit may win and that should be motivation to get of the O'fer


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Thx OB
I’m not counting it on my record but I did have a nice bet on them, as you can see Chicago is not a reliable favourite and Detroit plays hard almost every week with limited talent, I think that’s the fourth game they’ve lost this year on a last play field goal by the opponent