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Happy thanksgiving! Among other things, Im thankful for EE.......Best wishes to everyone south of the border celebrating tomorrow and a lot of us up here of the best days of the year.

I know the Lions troubles winning at all, never mind on Thanksgiving, but this might be the Lions best chance to get a win the rest of the way.......and they have been close, another heartbreaker last week but Chicagos was worse.......
so just kick me in the nuts now lol

Lions ML +125 1*


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Like I said, just kick me in the nuts. I have no other words.

Its gonna be a martingale thanksgiving then f*%k it

Raiders Cowboys Over 50.5 -110 2*


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Good luck with your Over tonight. I have a bunch of fantasy players in that game on Fanduel DFS, so I'm rooting for you!!
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OT! and the over in the bank

I really like the Bills they have an advantage at most positions and are wayyyyy healthier.

Rarely play 3* or more and Not being greedy but I liked this game the best from the get go

Bills -7 -110 3*