The Masters


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Sure seems like the course is getting crispy. Hopefully we get Augusta playing firm and fast all week.

Some EW plays that look interesting to me.
Justin Thomas +1050
Rory +1700
Paul Casey +4000
MattFitz +4500

Matchups to come starting with round 2


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Thanks guys...

Making a bunch of plays on round 1 overs. From everything I can gather, Augusta has not played this hard and fast in a while. If these conditions hold up, more likely the winner is an elite player and not a long shot.


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One more before things get started and sticking with the theme of the course really playing tough.

Winning score over 278


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The overs were certainly good today. What a round from Justin Rose. Spieth and Hatton both look like guys that are under par did not gain much in the way of strokes gained putting. Bullish on those two.

Round 2 matchups:
HudSwafford +120 over MikeThompson
Xander +105 over Rahm
Bubba +125 over Hovland
MattWallace -130 over Lanto
JT -148 over Finau
Webb -155 over Sergio
SiWoo -109 over CoreyConnors
Tyrrell -148 over BillyHo
Jordy -145 over Morikawa
BrianHarman -143 over IanPoulter


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BrianGay +108 over JimmyWalker
CTPan +130 over RobMcintyre
DFritelli -105 over MattJones
JimHerman +150 over StewCink

To go with Xander, Bubba, Wallace, Webb and Jordy from above.

Sorry for the changes. Masters does not share strokes gained stats but was able to work with some to get an idea where we are on that


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3-5-1 today...difference was Hovland going crazy on the back 9. Up some for the week off the 1st round overs. Still have winning score over 278 in play

What a weekend this should be. Rain still does not appear to have fallen...will be interesting to see how the course is set up tomorrow.

Round 3 Matchups:
PaulCasey -167 over IanPoulter
WillyHo -148 over Phil
Charl +116 over HarryEnglish
ShaneLowry +110 over Tommy
Hovland -230 over StewCink
CoreyConnors +106 over ColinMorikawa
SiWoo -135 over CamChamp
Jordy -250 over Bernd
Leish -105 over BHarman

Best Tournament Finishing Position:
Jordy -143 over JT

Fascinating leader board with the top 3 all putting at a likely unsustainable level through 36 holes. Comfortable fading Rose, Zalatoris and Harman tomorrow. This continues to look very promising for Spieth. SiWoo is a longshot that has a legit chance. Actually do not see a great reason to fade anyone from -5 down to -3. Not crazy about Palmer, Smith and Morikawa at -2 but do like CC there. Would not surprise me to see either Bryson or Hovland get right into it from -1. Patrick Reed had a short game disaster today, which is incredibly rare for him. He could get out early and see what a 67 could do for him. If the course remains dry, -7 has a great shot to win this thing.

Splitting some tourney plays up among these
SiWooKim +2800Win/+400T5/+150T10
PatrickReed +550T10/+150T20
CoreyConnors +600T5/+200T10
Xander +225T5
CharlSchwartzel +550T20
JordanSpieth +400Win