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Tex, great to see some one I can share old memories with, Yea how about that shot that was heard around the world.Remember Bobby rounding 3 base it was like he was flying on a magic carpet.How about Al Gianfridos' catch on Joe Di Mag in that other series, my god Joe was almost to second base when he pulled the ball down.The great Leo Duroscher {The Lip} kicking dirt on the umpires in almost every game and every bad call.Getting kicked out of more games than he It was the good old days Tex that unfortunatly we will never see again when the players played for the love of the game not to see how they could fill their pockets.I always remind Garsal of Cleveland about Lemon, Feller, Wynn, & Garcia, 4 20 game winners on a team in one year, with 2 firemen like Narleski and Mossi in the bullpen.Wow you think we will ever see that again? Not that I am knocking the game today as I am a Yankee fan and I just saw them destroy a team that won 116 games this year.Tex I think and you probably will agree with me as we have both seen many great world series, that the one we are about to see in a few days will rank with the best {If not the best} of them. I am glad for NY 51 as he is a Yankee die hard and just had a terrible accident and lost 2 of his fingers.I don't care how this one ends up, although I would love to see my Yankees pull out another one, it's going to be a hell of a series.We are witnessing a Dynasty, just like the Yankees of old. Brings back a lot of memories don't it Tex,Lou, The Babe,Mize, Joe Di, the Mick,Rodger, Yogi,Phil,Billy the Runt,Elston, Whitey,Vic,man I could go on all day.But you know what I mean, it's like turning back the clock.I'm glad you posted and told me to go back to that post by Daponte or I would have missed you.I'm happy for the kids today that follow the game and like I said it's too bad that any team and any city is going to be deprived of being able to follow their team.I don't know how my friends up north will feel if they lose Montreal, as I know most of them are in to the ice game any way.Tex keep in touch as I said it's nice to have someone I can swap old stories with.As far as this site, it's the best and the best bunch of people to make you feel right at home.Thnx for the come back my friend and I will make sure I keep in touch with you.Good Luck Il Duce.