Toronto Blue Jays season TT & Run Line


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got swept last night
0-2 -2.00 ytd
YTD 12-18-6.23 units

BJ's -125....2.5 units Monoah is a stud and always pitches well and gets good run support
BJ's tt over 3.5-120 1 unit
Looks like they lower a lot of tt on some teams
I think the bats will come out tonight


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kiss your sister day

1-1 -0.05 units
ytd 13-21-2 -10.60 units

BJ -1-110
tt over 4-125


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another kiss your sister day
1-1 -0.10 units
ytd 14-22-2 -10.70 units

only 1 play bj ml-110...1 units


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always happens when you dont play tt over they score a bunch
1-0 +1.00 unit

YTD 15-22-9.70 units


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Won both plays yesterday
2-0 +2.15

ytd 17-22 -7.55 units

bj Ml-117
Bj tt UNDER 3.5-109
Total under 7.5-118

don’t think Toronto will be scoring a lot this game