Tuesday Pucks


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Overall Record - 44-42-5 +14.85 Units

Thanks everyone for the lively discussion yesterday... It's nice to get to know what/how people are thinking... Thanks... 2 plays tonight...

Edmonton Oilers / Phoenix Coyotes Under 4' +105 (2 Units)
Montreal Canadiens / Boston Bruins Under 4' +115 (1 Unit)

hope the scoring doesn't start again tonight... good luck to everyone...



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I typically stay off the salami... I have enough trouble with one or two games... I have read that these bigger board nights, though have been coming out to the under lately... untypically, three teams tonight are -1', though... if those are supposed to be blowouts, I'd watch out for them to kill an under play...

The 4' on the Edmonton game was all I could find, never even saw a 5... And got 4' on the Habs/Bruins game at Olympic...

On 1' games...
Does anyone anyone else see this as a 'middle' opportunity... Play the three -1' teams on a three-team money-line parlay and play the three dogs on a three-team spread parlay... I don't know the actual percentages for ties and one goal games, but it seems like a good opportunity... The fav parlay would pay 1~1.5 tonight and the dog parlay would pay 1~4...

good luck tonight...



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Just wondering what anyone thinks of the total to go under 45'????
Also like the Home Teams @ -1.5

Any advice/insight is appreciated.



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PSUG:/ Under 4 in the HABS game is a real gutsy call! Last two times here we're both 3-2. That's the only total I didn't touch tonight, as I smelled a push. It'll be close, good luck tonight. /SM


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O.k Psu
You got me Thinking
I parlayed The favs and the Dogs That are 1.5
and played each 1.5 dog straight
Just to see what happens.
I'll come back with report/bitch later!
Plus I get too see all the games, so the remote will be smoking and the old lady yelling!