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Hey guys, Greetings from a flooded out Chicago Area. We have 7 inches of Rain here over the last 36 hours. I have been on DL last few weeks, had to get some treatments for Pancreas and been laid up and TKO since final four Saturday. Not a good way to live, gotta try to shake it. Not sure how much more of this I can take. I been tailing a few of your plays, had some luck with Todd's MLB dogs and followed a few others and scratched out a couple units. So thanks guys. My scribes just posted their SERIES prices and I found a few I like. I believe the DEN vs GSTATE series is a toss up with all the Denver Injuries and the way both of these teams go up and down the court. I see this going 7 and will have hedge opportunity if needed. My guys have at -600/+450 on the dog. I played a couple Units on the Dog. I am hoping for a tight series. With these odds if it goes to a 6th or 7th game I can buy out if needed.

GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS +450 2 UNITS I think this one stands out the most, should play out like G-STATE and DAL 2007.

BOL and have a great weekend.


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i agree but the only thing that scares me is denver has home court and they were
almost unbeatable at home. if gs can steal 1 in den then it will be a series
i looked at the other series and the favs price are crazy
take care of yourself Ak
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thanks for stopping in AK. I hope things go well with your health. As AJ said, make sure to look after yourself.

good luck with the play. I like it.


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will be tough for the Warriors to win at Denver, but they should be competitive with Bogut; best wishes with your health AK


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Thanks much guys, feeling better, just have to get some energy back! Im getting pumped for the hockey playoffs at end of month also. Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend.