Week 1 - Everyedge Invitational: Kamboski vs. IcePack

EE Jay

Super Moderator
Everyedge Handicapping Invitational - Week 1

Alright, we have our opening week matchup:

It's Kamboski vs IcePack starting us off.

Gentlemen, please send your picks to everyedge@yahoo.ca *** (by midnight EST Saturday evening)

Read below for the guidelines and for the Week 1 lines

Good luck to both of you!


- Each contestant will submit their BEST BET of the week.
Ideally you will include a short analysis or reasoning (one to two sentences will suffice.)

You will also include three other plays as tiebreakers.

The Best Bets will go head-to-head. The winner moves to the next round.
If both contestants win their Best Bet, or both lose, we will move to the tiebreakers.

Three extra plays from the NFL schedule
Choose three other plays and rank them (3-star, 2-star, 1-star)
The contestant to accumulate the most stars with their tiebreakers will move through.
(if it is still tied, we'll move to a final tiebreaker TBD)

To review:
- Contestants send in your "BEST BET" of the week. If yours win and your opponent’s loses, you move on.
- also send in three more plays that you rank between 1 to 3 stars (3 stars being the stronger play) for tiebreaker purposes.

***Please send your picks to everyedge@yahoo.ca *** (by midnight EST Saturday evening)

Week 1 Lines

New Orleans Saints -3 Over 51
Atlanta Falcons +3

Minnesota Vikings +3.5 Over 43.5
St. Louis Rams -3.5

Cleveland Browns +7 Over 41.5
Pittsburgh Steelers -7

Jacksonville Jaguars +10 Over 52
Philadelphia Eagles -10

Oakland Raiders +5.5 Over 40
New York Jets -5.5

Cincinnati Bengals +2 Over 43
Baltimore Ravens -2

Buffalo Bills +7 Over 47.5
Chicago Bears -7

Washington Redskins +3 Over 45
Houston Texans -3

Tennessee Titans +3.5 Over 43
Kansas City Chiefs -3.5

New England Patriots -5 Over 47
Miami Dolphins +5

Carolina Panthers +2.5 Over 39.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -2.5

San Francisco 49ers -4.5 Over 51.5
Dallas Cowboys +4.5

Indianapolis Colts +7.5 Over 55
Denver Broncos -7.5

New York Giants +5.5 Over 47
Detroit Lions -5.5

San Diego Chargers +3.5 Over 45
Arizona Cardinals -3.5