NFL Wildcard Playoff Predictions – Let’s Get it On!

nfl wild card playoffs

By Everyedge

The NFL Wild Card weekend is here and we begin our playoff predictions for all the games. This weekend’s matchup doesn’t tickle the fancy bettors, but in the playoffs interesting things happen.

Saturday Wild Card Games

Pinnacle Odds: Oakland Raiders +3.5 vs Houston Texans -3.5 Total 37

What happened to the Oakland Raiders down the stretch was incredible. A fate that they did not deserve. With a rookie qb going in facing a veteran playoff team, it is going to be hard for the Raiders to pull out a victory. But the Texans are starting Brock Osweiler!? Osweiler will do enough not to turn the ball over and get enough points for a Texans victory.

Prediction: Texans cover -3.5 in a low scoring affair 24-10. 

Pinnacle Odds: Detroit Lions +8 vs Seattle Seahawks -8 Total 44

The Detroit Lions have surprised this season with their remarkable run and getting into the playoffs. Lions, like the Raiders, have a qb injury which may not be the same, Stafford playing with an injured hand, the net result has been the same – losses at the end of the season. The Seahawks are banged up as well. Earl Thomas is missing and few other starters on either side of the ball.

Prediction: Lions cover +8 with this game going down to the wire.  

Sunday Wild Card Games

Pinnacle Odds: Miami Dolphins +11 vs Pittsburgh Steelers -11 Total 46

This game is the one I think will produce the biggest surprises. I don’t mind Matt Moore quarterbacking the Dolphins and defensively, they will be able to keep the Steelers offense in check. These Steelers have not been like the Steelers of old and I think bettors have fallen into thinking these are the old steelers.

Prediction: Dolphins +11 get the cover in Steeltown

Pinnacle Odds: NY Giants +5 vs Green Bay Packers -5 Total 44.5

NY Giants come in as one of the hottest teams in the NFL, however they are facing the other hottest team, in the Green Bay Packers. The line has jumped up to -5 for the Packers. Packers have turned it on, but their victories were against non playoff teams and two playoff teams with injuries.

Prediction: Giants +5, too much Packer love