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    NFL Sunday

    I think Chiefs dline poses problems for Burrow as well. chiefs cover small lines at 7o percent clip. I’m in as well
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    Packin heat SNF

    Close one. Hard to imagine the Packer defense being that bad…
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    Saturday play

    Good luck!
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    OB’s FIFA World Cup Thread

    Make it $10m and you have a deal!
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    Titans Pack

    We sure are… we are a talented team that lacks fire in the belly. No leadership on either side of the ball. I think Rodgers ego hurts team chemistry.
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    Titans Pack

    Take the Titans plus 3 at even money. 5 star play for me.
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    Dallas at Green Bay

    You’re a great capper. That’s the way the ball bounces sometimes. Keep posting- we all know the risks…
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    Wisconsin at Iowa

    Thanks for the detailed write up. I’m a season ticket holder (grew up in GB) and have watched every game. I don’t disagree with anything you’ve stated. Have a great Sunday. If you’re ever interested in going to a game let me know…
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    Wisconsin at Iowa

    thanks for the winner. Packer line looks to easy today. How do you not take Dallas? So easy I’ll stay away. Your thoughts?
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    Wisconsin at Iowa

    I’ll tail. Home field another very big plus. Historically we’ve struggled. I feel more black and blue this year than green and gold or red. Really brutal.
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    NFL Sunday

    O - I teased Giants plus 9.5 and Bills minus 4 with 6.5 teaser. I like ‘‘em both - need to regain some momentum thus the tease. Best of luck..
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    Dawg Pound

    Agreed. Felt like we studied it well…