1. Seymour24

    OB’s College Football Thread

    Good luck OB!
  2. Seymour24

    Week 4 Tees

    Good luck CC!
  3. Seymour24

    NFL WK 3 HD--AKA-- Sunday morning read

    Have a great day Lidder!!
  4. Seymour24

    NFL Week 3

    Good luck GD
  5. Seymour24

    NFL Sunday

    Great writeups as always E...good luck!
  6. Seymour24

    NFL Sunday

    good luck with the plays Neil!
  7. Seymour24

    NFL Sunday Picks

    Have a great day Ice!
  8. Seymour24

    1sob NFL season thread

    Good luck 1sob!
  9. Seymour24

    NFL Week 3

    Adding Miami TT O23.5
  10. Seymour24

    NFL Week 3

    One for now... New Orleans -2 Good luck all, enjoy the games!
  11. Seymour24

    Saturday football pick

    Wow, that's quite the turnaround in a week, from +16.5 dogs to -27 faves! Good luck
  12. Seymour24

    NFL Sunday Picks

    Good luck Ice!
  13. Seymour24

    NFL Week 2

    Detroit -1 NYG +1 Las Vegas -5.5 Good luck to all today!
  14. Seymour24

    Wk 2 NFL

    Good luck Lidder...like Detroit too