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    RhodyJoe's Plays of the Day September 6, 2022

    Great quotes friend. Every day I look forward to what you have to say when I have the chance. I'm following HOUSTON -1.5 (F Valdez) @ -120 all the way!!!!
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    MLB Tuesday

    I like this too playing early first 5 over 4 runs. RIP Bernie Gores first casuality of the ukraine conflict reporter from cnn . He will always be remembered for his intrepid reports
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    Philadelphia 76ers wins tonight -8

    James Harden gets it done at the SG position making over 2.5 3pt FG tonight. Philadelphia wins tonight by 8
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    Michigan State vs Iowa play live

    I'm going over 143 only when it's available live 1st quarter
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    Yale beats Dartmouth

    Dartmouth doesn't have enough to get it done today look for Yale to take and cover.
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    Let's go volunteers keep it rolling against Mizzou
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    To Rhodyjoe , are you ok ?

    I sure hope so. Rhodyjoe really was cool
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    The only question I have is would you say Patriots +19.5 & Raiders +19.5
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    Great call
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    Fighting the urge today going all in on the Bakken Bears Vs London Lions I think the Bakken Bears can get it done is anyone else on here interested in capping games like these ?
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    I agree
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    RhodyJoe's Plays of the Day

    I'm going to be up late tonight to ask what your top favorite picks for tomorrow. Because I lost $745 today on a stupid bet today really rough. Smh. Any comeback bets you think are most confident in ?
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    RhodyJoe's Plays of the Day

    I'm on Cardinals, raptors, olimpia milano too. thanks for the update your insight really helps a lot.
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    RhodyJoe's Play of the Day

    Woops, I think I meant to say amazing call I had the over on the first period.