1. Bill Grundy

    How do I pick my NCAA brackets here on the website = no circles, no squares for selections to play?!

    Hi did I miss something? how do we select winners for each round IN ADVANCE for these beauty games?? Steve bigwoods, canada
  2. Bill Grundy

    How do we make our bracket choices?

    Trying to pick my brackets? What is the gig on this. Where are the blocks/circles we have to choose each team in every bracket? Bill Grundy wondering why I missed the trick to playing this madness bracket entry. thanks to all who have joined in this party hats for bats n Chinese Covid 19...
  3. Bill Grundy

    NBA FEB 17/21 Sixers too close to Rockets Red glare? LOSING the HOOK and Bawston -2 Vs. NOT(Hotlanta?)

    The Sixers just had a 1/2 point shaved off their early line of -10.5 vs. a stalled Rocket squad. That line stood still ALL day for players to get on. Anyone biting the remodeled 10? and Boston Celtics by only 2?! Fishy. Plays: Miami Heat +1 at Golden State, Minnesota +5 hosting Indiana...
  4. Bill Grundy

    [Buffalo -3] & [Tampa Bay +4]

    Detail: KC QB Patrick Mahomes has passed his concussion protocol according to the NFL and is cleared to play. Most everyone asked about this suggest this is too early for anyone. 7 days after he couldn't stand on his own? Yes, he is the franchise we get it , but hanging a guy out in the wind for...
  5. Bill Grundy

    Playing: Atlanta/L.A. Chargers Under 24 -110 1st half.

    Just heard Todd Furman from 'Bet the board' call this one out casually as he was Splain'n football stuff on the board. Thought I'd tail and let ya' all know where one of our holes in the wall might reside. Enjoy your day and stay safe! Steve Bigwoods Lafontaine, Ontario ***
  6. Bill Grundy

    Gambling Shenanigans; Decoys, Whales N' Wiseguys.

    Gambling Shenanigans; Decoys, Whales N' Wiseguys. Just when you thought it was safe to play a few dollars on a favourite or dog in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS? Over the last few years, it's become more and more difficult to handicap sports and one of the reasons is the stacks of computers...
  7. Bill Grundy

    Jumping Into Oncoming TRAFFIC Week 16. An NFL Goldmine Angle

    Here is a heads up spot to mark on your Christmas calendar which should be especially interesting for the people who look for system plays or angles that have been delivering every year amongst the holiday season chaos. Do not miss this coming week 16 of the NFL as this is your chance to...
  8. Bill Grundy

    Week 11 NFL Super Picks & Tracking Lost Dogs 101 +

    My pick 6 for Week 11 NFL Contest: Houston -2.5 Atlanta -3.5 Philadelphia +8.5 Mr. & Minnesota +2.5 Indianapolis -2.5 Baltimore -3.5 Just a heads up - All the money was pouring in on the Saints this week while the number was 8 and 9 and the number moves to 7.5 and now 7. Kinda makes you wonder...
  9. Bill Grundy

    Week 10 NFL Super Picks

    Week 10 NFL Super Picks Pittsburgh -4.5 Tampa Bay -2.5 Philadelphia -6.5 La Chargers -9.5 Miami +9.5 Tennessee +6.5
  10. Bill Grundy

    Week 9 EE NFL Pick 6

    As per Mr. G's request here is my week 9 EE NFL pick six and comments. (Just a heads up)I've been leaking runs at a 3 out of 12 clip in the last two week so be careful what you step in if your tailing me. Just a note. The squares have been on the right side of the window for two weeks in a row...
  11. Bill Grundy

    You Just KNOW The "Gloves" Have Come Off When...

    Over the past month or so there have been some very extreme examples of situations which have involved the CROSSING OF BIG LINES of civility. Normal transparency of procedures and rebuttal are being pushed aside inviting very scary scenarios to come. For example: That Saudi Arabian journalist...
  12. Bill Grundy

    [[ALERT]] Please Help Us Find Dave Malinsky. Missing Since Saturday April 14/18

    I know some of the characters who frequent this forum have connections far n' wide and we need to put them dots in play and get one of the good guys back safe n' sound. http://news3lv.com/news/local/sports-writer-dave-malinsky-goes-missing-near-mount-charleston Local sports writer Dave...
  13. Bill Grundy

    (ALERT) NCAA: NEVADA Flu Stricken Makes Wyoming +12 -110 An Automatic Play

    Wyoming +12 @ NEVADA Nevada is apparently fighting an illness. Most of the team is pretty sick right now. Here is an article about it: http://www.rgj.com/story/sports/college/nevada/2018/01/02/ailing-nevada-basketball-team-looking-buck-up-against-wyoming-cowboys/998365001/ Please...
  14. Bill Grundy

    NFL WEEK 17: The Penthouse VS. Last Chance Motel

    As the final week of this regular season of NFL football approaches your Sportsbooks would love nothing more than to have all their lines up and ready to take early bets from both the Penthouse and the Last Chance Motel, but many too many uncertainties exist at the moment in pivotal games that...
  15. Bill Grundy

    NFL Week 16: Ho Ho Ho's VS. Oh Oh Noh's

    NFL Opening Line Report Week 16 Savour this Week 16 handicap because Week 17 is going to be a mess. There will be inflated lines due to “must-win” situations and you’ll have to play a guessing game early in the week on lines with teams that may be looking to sit guys in advance of the playoffs...
  16. Bill Grundy

    (ALERT)*EIU TRAVEL PROBLEMS Makes Western Illinois +4.5 -110 An Automatic Play

    One of my favourite spots in sports. Betting against teams who get into travel situations out of their control leaving multiple plays available on the field. NCAA Basketball 8:30 EST Western Illinois +4.5 -110 @ Eastern Illinois This line was at -5 just a few moments ago so its already...
  17. Bill Grundy

    NFL Week 15: The Grinch & Scrooge VS. Yukon Cornelius & All The Who's In Who-Ville

    NFL Week 15: The Grinch & Scrooge VS. Yukon Cornelius & All The Who's In Who-Ville As the lines began to show up this morning on the board for this week 15 of the NFL season I watched as blank spots one by one became numbers and wondered who the suitcases would be landing on. I knew that...
  18. Bill Grundy

    NFL Week 14: 'House' Money VS. 'Borrowed' Money

    When you have a lot of money you have more wiggle room to take risks with. Those mysterious Sharps usually get a few wins of substantial amounts under their belts and then ONLY use that plus money that they have from those wins to grow their bank ledgers. Risking only what you've won - that's...
  19. Bill Grundy

    NFL Week 13: 'Lucky Joe' VS. 'Unlucky Joe'

    NFL Week 13: 'Lucky Joe' VS. 'Unlucky Joe' This week's battle between sharps and squares week 13 titled: 'Lucky Joe vs. Unlucky Joe - a 'dark' line excerpted from the Canadian film 'Pale Saints' which suggests that sometimes everyone loses. Last week the whales won with Buffalo +10 @ KC, the...
  20. Bill Grundy

    NFL Week 12: Thanksgetting VS. Thanksgiving

    ODD NUMBERS FOR YOU TO GOBBLE GOBBLE UP THIS WEEK 12? Thanksgetting VS. Thanksgiving Kevin Stott Monday, November 20, 2017 10:40 AM EST Let’s look at spreads for some NFL Week 12 matchups where the number might look a bit off, analyze why these numbers are where they are and then offer up picks...