1. Seymour24


    Utah +125 PAC 12 teams take great pride in ruining it for the other schools in their conference. Good luck all!
  2. Seymour24

    NFL Sunday

    Always great write ups! Good luck E
  3. Seymour24

    MACtion midweek finale

    Well done, bang on all the plays...-2.5 or -7 didn't seem it was going to matter either! Thanks for all the plays in the MAC this year...and Ohara too!
  4. Seymour24

    MAC Action Tuesday

    Well done on Ohio...was watching the game and thought that the Ohio qb looked like the qb for the Lions in the CFL...turns they're brothers. With both of the stars of the game going out at the end of the 1st half, all the capping goes out the window!
  5. Seymour24

    MACtion Tues

    Well done on the sweep tonight!
  6. Seymour24

    Thirstday Picks

    Probably because I was on them...nice night though!
  7. Seymour24

    NHL Thursday

    Good luck og (y)
  8. Seymour24

    Thirstday Picks

    Good luck Ice...on Philly too!
  9. Seymour24

    NHL Thursday

    Philadelphia TT O3.5 +135 Good luck all!
  10. Seymour24

    Monday Picks

    a belated nice buddy!
  11. Seymour24

    Saturday NHL

    Like a couple of dogs tonight... New Jersey +155 Philadelphia +165 Good luck tonight!
  12. Seymour24

    Saturday Picks

    Good luck Ice
  13. Seymour24

    NHL Saturday

    Win big!
  14. Seymour24

    NHL Friday

    gl og
  15. Seymour24

    Tue Oct 25

    good luck!
  16. Seymour24

    RhodyJoe's NHL Plays of the Day October 25, 2022

    good luck on the plays
  17. Seymour24

    NHL Tuesday

    good luck with the dog og
  18. Seymour24

    Tuesday Picks

    good luck Ice...on that over too!
  19. Seymour24

    NHL Tuesday

    Arizona/Columbus O6.5 Vegas reg Good luck all