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    NFL Sunday Picks

    Good luck gotta take kc at that number
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    Sun nfl

    Thanks its a gamble for sure not a huge fan of Goff and Lawrence playing really well also worried about the chargers defense but think Herbert is one of the best quarterbacks
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    Sun nfl

    Going to tail elites pick with Detroit who I also like and think are getting better each game along with the chargers ml think they can outscore Vegas today. 5* pays 20.5*
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    Thirstday Picks

    Don't get me wrong you win more money than I do just not seeing it tonight
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    Thirstday Picks

    Good luck not sure how you can like NE but I know you like to be different lol
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    Thursday play

    3 game parlay bills -3.5 with Colorado and Tampa nhl money line both games,think the hockey are easy ones maybe col has trouble and love the bills at the small spread would even like em -9.5... 4* pays 16.6* (played this in the morning I should have waited pays more now)
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    Saturday play

    Going Ohio st -8 have a feeling they beat up michigan today along with Maryland s Alabama and army money lines to get the odds up...4* pays 11*
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    Friday Picks

    Good luck like the picks
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    The case for AO?

    I would not watch football anymore if these changes were made
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    Thursday play

    Dallas -3.5 with Minnesota-2.5 played this a couple days ago when Minn dropped to 2.5 ,vikings got embarrassed last week but are still one of the better teams no? Don't think ne can score enough in this one...bought points with Dallas for some reason even though they should win easily 500 pays...
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    EE Advice

    You would say no to 12k guaranteed with 48 k still out there
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    EE Advice

    Even better like that idea
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    EE Advice

    I would be asking to split that money up if possible
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    OB’s NFL long season thread

    How did you get titans +3 first half looking good
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    Thirstday Picks

    Good luck! Why Calgary? I was thinking Tampa at pretty good odds but now I might not play it
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    MAC Action week Wednesday

    OMG the punter just kicked one for 10 yards net with no return
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    MAC Action week Wednesday

    Wow didn't know bowling green likes to go for it 4th and 5ish around midfield twice in the first quarter! Terrible coaching be lucky to win this game
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    NFL sun

    3 team money line parlay really like new England and Miami ,hopefully history repeats itself with green bay 350 pays 1175
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    Thurs college

    Good luck with the plays a few experts on Washington state
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    OB’s College Football Thread

    Killing it with the college! Good to see you on ull good luck