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    Titans Pack

    Take the Titans plus 3 at even money. 5 star play for me.
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    Dawg Pound

    Cleveland + 1 West coast team traveling east at 1pm and Browns have significant advantage on the ground…
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    Week 3

    Packers Bucs - Under 42 1 unit With Bucs line and WR issues they will stay on the ground. Bucs dee real deal. Pack dee strong on paper but hasn’t been goos to date. hope everything has a nice day. Tailing coaches Bills over too.
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    Houston Texas Tech

    Taking unranked favorite Texas Tech -4 against the ranked Houston Cougars… 1 unit
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    Bama Utah St

    Taking Bama - 42 for 1 unit Utah St allowed 240 yards rushing to UConn at 6 yards a carry. Simply think Utah St going to get destroyed in the trenches and a back door cover unlikely with a run game that can't be stopped.... Hoping everyone has a terrific season Badger
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    Kentucky Vandy

    Kentucky - 21 @-120. Bought the hook. Kentucky offense on a serious roll....
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    Utah Az State

    Playing utah minus 1.5 with winnings from Tincup tail...
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    Badgers Michigan

    Badgers -2 3 stars. Look for Badgers to control line off scrimmage on both sides. Badgers have not looked good on offense. Think the run game breaks out today. Also like the favorite being the unranked team against a ranked team. No need to tail as I'm looking to get my act together this year...
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    Sunday Night

    49ers -3 over the Pack, 3 star play. Packer o-line a mess with Jenkins out and expect Rodgers to be under duress all night.
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    Week 3

    Colts + 4.5 against Titans. Should be a field goal game either way. Browns Bears under 44.5. I like Fields just not today with o-line getting overpowered against the Browns front. Browns also a run first offense today.
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    Hokies Mountaineers

    I'll take the unranked team laying points with the public heavy on Va Tech. Mountaineers -2 for 2 units. I've been terrible this year - but really like this play.
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    NFL - Week 1

    Off to rough start (really rough) with college and missed the total for the Thursday night game - so tread carefully.... 1) Packers minus 3.5 and OVER 49 - if Packers don't cover Saints will have scored some points. I think this is a bet where you can win both sides and unlikely to lose both...
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    Pick 6 Contest

    Anyone know if there will be a contest this year?
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    Twice as Nice

    to roll with Ice.... Over 158 1 unit
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    NHL Monday

    Flyers/Buffalo under 6; -120 Buffalo offense light enough for Flyers to handle coupled with the Monday doldrums
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    NHL - Wednesday

    Taking Penguins puckline -1.5 @-110; 1 unit Sabres have lost 8 of last 10 by more than 2 goals Penguins have won 6 of last 10 by more than 2 goals Last 2 games (~2 weeks ago) head to head Penguins won each by 3 goals Also looking for Pens to rebound from Devil loss
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    Potential EE Hack Please be Careful

    If you have an iphone and go into settings and scroll down down to passwords it will tell you if you had an account compromised. Unfortunately - I use my EE password for other accounts. I have spent the last hour updating my passwords. When I tried to change my EE password - I think my...
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    No Rest Sunday

    Taking 3 Puckline bets Stars -1/2 Canes - 1/2 Penguins - 1/2 Going against teams playing yesterday and traveling today. Welcome any wisdom from the board...
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    Lombardi Trophy

    Game sure looks to be shaping up like the Packer Bucs game - with a left tackle down against a strong Tampa defensive front creating lots of pressure. But - I think this one will be different. A lot different. Chiefs are loaded with options - unlike the Packers who lean heavily on Adams...
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    NFL Picks

    Taking the Chiefs -8 for 1 unit. Simply think rested Chiefs a significantly better team. In 2nd game taking Saints -3. Looking for Saints front to pressure Brady and everyone knows the rest of that story. Last matchup of these 2 Brady was sacked 3 times, threw 3 picks, and threw for under...