1. jughead

    Finals Game 2

    Nice hit on the over bud.
  2. jughead

    For the Stanley Cup part 2

    Game 2 was lopsided and COL is certainly hungry for the Cup, and talented enough to get it. I'm just looking forward to seeing how T-Bay reacts back on home ice. Good luck with your series props either way.
  3. jughead

    Cup Finals, Game 2

    Cheers guys... Game 3 tonight. Let's see what T-Bay's got on home ice!
  4. jughead

    Cup Finals, Game 2

    Hey all, haven't been around much lately but I've got two for tonight: I played two for tonight. Was leaning Avs and UN... Ended up on Avs and first period OV. Notes are from twt so nvmd the hashtags Game 2, TB at COL -142 Also, first period OV 1.5 -131 NHL trend "live" for Game 2 of the...
  5. jughead

    Jobs at Jets

    Winnipeg is playing a b2b at home and they stunk for a lot of last night's loss to Ottawa. Sens have owned them, though. Tonight I expect a much better effort from the offense, hopefully for a full 60. They can't let the Jackets come in and slap them around, and the 'Laine vs PLD' storyline will...
  6. jughead

    NHL Friday

    OVER is the order of the day tonight... BOL sir
  7. jughead

    Tuesday, October 26, 2021 NHL

    I made six plays in the first couple weeks of the season, going 1-5 (ouch). Four of the losers were dogs, two chalk plays I was laying -125, risking 1 unit on each. Updated record is 1-5, -4.2 units. Playing the Jets today, risking 2 units at -124 (Pinnacle). Jets and Ducks have already...
  8. jughead

    Labour Day CFL plays

    Great road win for the Blue!
  9. jughead

    CFB Picks

    Congrats Ice. Here's to a good year ahead with football. 🍻
  10. jughead

    EveryEdge Pick 6 Contest 2021

    Thanks Sam, always a great contest.
  11. jughead

    Labour Day CFL plays

    Like the points in this one as well DB. Good call you made last week playing Bombers on the ML at home. That was a close one!
  12. jughead

    Wk 5, WPG at SSK

    SSK is undefeated at 3-0 and all three wins were at home against BC, HAM and OTT (combined record 4-11 SU). It's not like WPG has played a star-studded list of opponents either, but their D has held 3 of 4 offenses to less than 20 points. RB Harris looked good in his debut last week and...
  13. jughead

    CFL Week 4 plays

    Good luck with the Bombers tonight DB. I laid the points on WPG. Andrew Harris is back. Bombers off first loss. Big double header against SSK on-deck. Line from Pinnacle was -6.5 -113. Sunday night CFL... if that doesn't call for a BBQ and possibly a pop or two, I don't know what does.
  14. jughead

    Round 1, Day 2

    Series update, looking good so far and guaranteed to make a profit with the Isles and Jets in at plus-money but it would be oh so sweet to see the Habs battle back from 3-1 to win. Game 5 was the best of the series IMHO and with 2,000 fans in attendance, Game 6 at MTL should be great. NYI +128...
  15. jughead

    nhl sun

    Can't lose now!
  16. jughead

    Sunday May 16 NHL Plays

    Good luck today SD. Leaning Vegas in the opener as well.
  17. jughead

    Round 1, Day 2

    Awesome, thanks EE. Playoffs... anything can happen. Added another exact series play: COL in 6 at +381 (Pinnacle) Blues can play tough and Binnington might steal one, but Avs are healthy at the right time. The odds on winning in 5 were only +290 and 6 jumped up to +381 so I took a shot.
  18. jughead

    Round 1, Day 2

    Booked three series bets for Round 1 as well as a flat bet for today. Flat bet: NYI +116 Series x 3 NYI +128 WPG +175 MTL +260 GLTA
  19. jughead

    Sens at Jets tonight (May 8)

    Yeah, that didn't work. 3-2, maybe 4-2 on an empty netter... wrong team though. As a Jets fan I am torn between nervousness, doubt and hopeful anxiety as we head toward the first round.