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    Sun nfl

    Going to tail elites pick with Detroit who I also like and think are getting better each game along with the chargers ml think they can outscore Vegas today. 5* pays 20.5*
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    Thursday play

    3 game parlay bills -3.5 with Colorado and Tampa nhl money line both games,think the hockey are easy ones maybe col has trouble and love the bills at the small spread would even like em -9.5... 4* pays 16.6* (played this in the morning I should have waited pays more now)
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    Saturday play

    Going Ohio st -8 have a feeling they beat up michigan today along with Maryland s Alabama and army money lines to get the odds up...4* pays 11*
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    Thursday play

    Dallas -3.5 with Minnesota-2.5 played this a couple days ago when Minn dropped to 2.5 ,vikings got embarrassed last week but are still one of the better teams no? Don't think ne can score enough in this one...bought points with Dallas for some reason even though they should win easily 500 pays...
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    NFL sun

    3 team money line parlay really like new England and Miami ,hopefully history repeats itself with green bay 350 pays 1175
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    Thurs play

    Going with Tampa at home and I think max effort with lafayette who has the better qb..400 pays 850 both money line
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    Thursday play

    Going with s Alabama ml with arizona ml was thinking new orleans but no Lattimore,think s Alabama makes a statement losing 4 in a row to Troy.....400 pays 730
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    MLB fri

    Played the dodgers 510 pays 450
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    Not seeing much today as usual,too many guys are questionable going with GB tampa and minnesota money line 310 pays 290 GL
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    Thurs play

    Going with Denver-2.5 first half not much else to bet today 250 pays 200
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    Wednesday play

    Played ucf moneyline with sf ball ml ahead 5-1 185 pays 200
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    Sat play

    Going with Kentucky +6.5 with Michigan and Utah moneyline 200 pays 590 including the 200
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    Played Cincinnati ml with Tampa baseball Tampa ahead 1-0 200 pays 240
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    Sat play

    Not seeing much early ,a couple games could go either way kinda wimping out playing clemson Michigan and Kansas moneyline 300 pays 305
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    Friday play

    Going back to Milwaukee baseball again (they really need the w)and Virginia +9.5 think it's too many points wouldn't be surprised if Virginia wins 150 pays 480
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    thurs play

    Going with west Virginia ml and Milwaukee baseball ml don't like betting baseball but think it's a great spot playing Cincinnati,parlay bet 235 pays 655 including the 235
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    NFL pick

    First couple weeks are scary, should probably just be watching but I can't help it,playing money line parlay indy Baltimore and Cincinnati not much reasoning but think all 3 picks have way better starting qbs
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    NFL thurs

    Taking buff -2.5 think Allen is too good both passing and rushing also Stafford hasn't thrown a pass all preseason and he's missing a couple key guys 220 pays 200
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    College Thurs

    Gonna chance it w virg +7.5 with ok st under 58 160 pays 605
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    College football

    Playing a parlay following guys on this site with Nevada and utep money line 200 pays 565