1. kamboski

    Fri nite lights

    Wow bring out the broom
  2. kamboski

    Sat kiddies foots

    Gluck on the plays. Lol negotiate to watch football...I always protect the shield too and if there is a can't miss game on a sat then a nice expensive dinner on fri nite usually does the trick.
  3. kamboski

    10.29.22 College Plays from Boston

    Have a great time in Boston and congrats on 14 months.
  4. kamboski

    Week 5 kiddies

    On Kentucky and Iowa st as well. G'luck
  5. kamboski

    Sat Ncaaf

    Gluck on the plays today
  6. kamboski

    Sat play

    Gluck on the plays
  7. kamboski

    NCAA Saturday

    Can't believe week 5 already... Kentucky +6.5 Iowa st -3.5 Miss st -4 Wyoming -2.5 Over Charlotte/UTEP 56 GLTA kamboski
  8. kamboski

    NFL Football

    Just got back from Europe myself. Just wonderful to visit there. Whats the best city you visited? Gluck on the plays.
  9. kamboski

    NFL Week 1

    Gluck this season
  10. kamboski

    Week 1 felons

    Man...couldn't Cleveland miss that fg.
  11. kamboski

    NFL Week 1

    Gluck this year
  12. kamboski

    1sob NFL season thread

    With you on carolina
  13. kamboski

    Week 1 NFL

    Been in Europe for a few weeks so just been getting glimpses of games at night...waiting for flight to Barcelona right now but no soccer.games while I'm there. I can't write like G so .... Detroit +5 Jax/wash over 44 Carolina pk GLTA kamboski
  14. kamboski

    21 F'n Years

    Wow...21 time to fly to Vegas.
  15. kamboski

    College Football

    Gluck on the plays. So glad football is back
  16. kamboski

    Mint Julip's for my Buds on EE

    Cant believe she lost BC of me...by $1... 10 to win 6 to win 10, 6, 16 box
  17. kamboski

    MLB Thursday

    Nice winner here buddy
  18. kamboski

    Mint Julip's for my Buds on EE

    I'm on zandon but messier in the exotics. Canadian is ruling jeopardy. Why not the Derby?