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    MNF- 10 Dime Play

    After a fast start to the week, a moderate weekend but up 25 units for the week. Monday starts the new week for me so back at zero as "WTF Sonny" would say. My belief is to play heavy on those games you have analyzed well, and with only one game on Monday and Thursday I have the time to do...
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    NFL Plays

    MN+3 NO -1 GB -7 TB +3.5
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    10 Dimes Boise State

    -7 nuff said
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    Saturday Early Play- 3 dimes

    I will have three plays for Saturday. Each being 3 dime picks as there are just too many games to cap and an average game for me takes about 2 hours or so. Because of this, I will lower the units to 3K each. Here's the first pick, and will add two others in later posts to this thread. 1. 11:00...
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    10 Dime Play -Thursday NCAA

    Play the Terps -2 I see this as a defensive game favoring the home team. Tech is light at RB and QB positions, and Terps are week at QB IMO. Both teams sport a descent to good defensive lineup. That will lead itself to a lower total, and a closer game. Picking Terps to win by 7-10 points. Good...
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    5 dimes Boston & Calgary over 5- 130

    Spent all day looking at this game. Handicapped it and waited for the line to go down. IMO should be atleast 7 goals and will wager 5K. Hover said I should post in hockey forum so here it is. Good luck to your wagers.
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    Rare Hockey Play- 5 dimes

    Been following the Wild through the preseason and thus far in the early on. The should win this game by 2 or more and will take the -.5 at -140 for 5 Dimes. I maybe play 10 hockey games all year, but with the slow Tuesday I had a chance to look at this matchup in depth. Everything favoring Wild...
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    Going to take a break

    From this forum. Good luck to all. No hard feelings.
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    10 more dimes (2) plays 2nd half MNF

    Lets see.......... The Hawks are +2.5 They get the ball first The defense is shatered on SF Crowd is in the game Dilfer is HMMMMMM 5 dimes Hawks 5 dimes over 21...
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    Early BIG 10 College Football

    Looking at the lines three games are starring me in the face and I would like your opinnions. Purdue +4.5 versus Michigan. I think the Boilermakers win this one outright. Indiana +12.5 versus Iowa. The way Indiana showed up last week versus Wisconsin, can't they keep this one within a TD...
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    10 dime Play MNF (look inside!!)

    This game has OVER 42 written all over it. SF has prime time players waiting to score in T. Owens and Mr Garcia. These guys live for prime time. Then you have Mr. 5 touchdown Alexander on the other side. Neither of these defenses are hard core like Tampa and Baltimore and those two teams hit the...
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    Denver and Miami

    See this game as a defensive battle with each team trying to obtain and preserve field position. Both teams like ball control offensive schemes and have a good RB's in Williams and Portis. Comes down to the defense of these two teams. They rank right up there with the best in the NFL right now...
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    MN Vikings- 10 dime play

    Bad day yesterday. One play for 10 dimes. I wrote a huge explanation prior post and it did not post, so that said I am just giveing my pick. Vikings -4.5 as they WILL show a wide-open offense today with others besides Randy involved!
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    Twins & Angles Game 4 thread

    First off, my "hat" is off to Hat and the gang that follows the Angels. Seems as tho most felt the juice was heavy at -170+ and to the RL +1.5 which no one wins, but the Angels won with exceptional pitching from Mr. Washburn and enough hitting to get by. My twins are not hitting- period. That...
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    Saturday NCAAFB 20 Plays

    Well so far this week I am posted 3-0 and actually am 4-0 with a win on an unposted result. Lots of value this week and am betting 20 out of the 60 or so posted. First 4 have closed this week already, and like to hear your thoughts on the rest. Games are posted in order of kickoff times... All...
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    Twins versus Angels Thread- Game 3

    Washburn and Angels are -180 versus Twins and Milton. Make your picks and tell us your thoughts. Myself, I feel the game is once again a Value Play on the Twins. I think if given even odds the Angels would be my choice, but at +170 odds I will take a chance on Milton dominating a game. He is 4-0...
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    Thursday Night Play- MN Gophers over 58.5

    I see this game as a wide open offensive type of game. The Gophers are 5-1 and the Wildcats are 2-4 in the Big Ten standings. MN has everyone back in the lineup as far as an injury report looks. One of the Gophers WR was quoted in the paper as saying ..."I won't be surprised to see a high...
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    Twins versus Angels Thread- Game 2

    Last night was a real treat to watch the game in person and will do so again tonight. These two teams are both very good, and can play the long ball or a defensive style game (which we saw last night. Some facts and homer hankies on the game today before I tailgate this one starting at 2:00...
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    BC versus Virginia Tech- Tuesday

    Let me be the first to say this will be a low total. Both teams have a great defense. That said, I see the total in the mid 40s. Getting over a TD (+7.5) and the home team I think is the way to go. BC played tough against Miami and have a tradition of playing super tough at home. I see this game...
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    Mrs Loueyville- Cider information

    Lets start up a thread on "cider" information on the Twins vs. Angels and Loueyville versus Memphis. Then everyone can read what the locals think and read about there homer teams for tomorrow.