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    CBB Monday

    So your riding high in the cowboy saddle
  2. J

    Conf finals

    Can’t pick nfc. Lean to under. AFC. Have to take afc champs from last year Have beat chiefs three in a row. Mahomes. Is not healthy have had high ankle sprain I don’t care if god is handing tape and meds he is not 100 percent Bengles all the way to Arizona Over on this one good luck. Let’s go joe
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    let the bengals out

    not only are they pissed with there scenerio they are the defending champs not only did they make it too super bowl last year but had o line issues also six points too many cinci plus six sf money line last team i want tooo win is cowboys go 9ers over in niners game also under...
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    friday nite before big weekend

    new mexico -21\2 canucks over 61/2 second time jags play chiefs lets hope there coaching staff learned something and puts into gameplan jags plus 91/2
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    NFL betting website only

    I agree with u I am guilty with not putting up plays I will try to post more often hopefully not as much as my idle. Rhody joe keep up the good work
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    End zone is hear

    Nyjets. Plus 31/2. La Rams. Plus 61/2. Riding out the lions. Plus. 51/2. Good luck onto the new season
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    Happy new year all Hope your hangovers are workable

    Lions. Minus 6. Home sweet home lean to over Commanders skins. Minus two New York football giants. Minus 5 Green Bay. Minus three. Vikes won’t be interested Once philly wins in am. Last week was second losing week of year leaving pats alone this week bill has the kool aid jugs...
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    Merry ho ho
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    Merry Xmas let’s add to the koffersm

    Det -21/2. Men of g. Plus 4. Brownies -21/2. On the fence with my pats after last weeks debacle. As a fifty five year fan. I got look at good and bad. And that was the worst Plus 3 1/2 Defence. Wins today. Go pats
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    NFL Sunday Picks

    agree except jets goog luck
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    NFL Wk.15

    jerry starting still leaning jags
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    NFL Sunday

    just like seeing boys lose
  13. J

    week 14

    4 for 4 last week chargers -21\2 lions +1 jax +4 pats pick good luck
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    NFL Sunday Picks

    Good luck like your card
  15. J

    Lions real or unreal

    Picking all year. Covered last five. Only loss last five against bills. Lions. Jags. Chargers. Pats. Good luck all kick butt
  16. J

    NFL Sunday

    Clark is sick could be game changer
  17. J

    NFL Gridiron Week Lucky 13

    With u except fish good luck
  18. J

    NFL Sunday

    With u on bears hate Rogers
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    Week 13

    Vikings. -2/12. Lions -1. Sf -3. Nyg wash under. Good luck