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    St.Paties Day Madness may all our picks bring green.

    Excellent record and sound reasoning!!
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    Super Bowl After Thoughts

    Excellent points on the coaching O. and thank you for the kind words as I also respect your insights as I do anyone‘s on the forum who post plays with reasoning attached, we may not always be right but at least we give reasons for our plays. It is ironic how coming into to this game all the talk...
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    Super Bowl After Thoughts

    Let me preface my thoughts by congratulating all Chiefs bettors for their win yesterday ! I unfortunately lost my money backing an Eagles team who also played their hearts out but failed to deliver on my 5* sized bet which if you care to know carried a three zero sizing in real money. This rant...
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    Super Bowl

    Gl Neil! Think your on the right side here 🙏
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    Superbowl Sunday

    Gl Ohara On the other side in this one nbl
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    Lids pick for Da Bowl

    Love it coach! Gl
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    SB 57 total play

    Gl Buff! I jumped on the 1st half Under as I believe the Defence‘s will rule the day and I always find that the 1st half sets the table, sometimes things get wild in the 2nd h but love both your plays.
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    Super Sunday

    Sad to see the end of the football season on the horizon 😩 I really enjoy the camaraderie and dialogue that happens here and am sorry to see it end today. I will chime in throughout the year from time to time and look forward to following some of the cappers that share their plays here...
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    CBB - take a look

    Nice call! Nice and easy, just the way you like em.
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    Tuesday NBA

    I only played your NBA game last night so thx for posting. Gl tonight I will be tailing as I think your reasoning is spot on, keep up the stellar work with the pro hoops!
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    Sunday basketball

    Congrats on the big night in the NBA keep ‘em coming!
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    Sunday basketball

    Gl with these! Nice to see someone posting NBA with writeups. You got a great price on the Timberwolves it’s up to -300 on the money line now.
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    Pathetic is the only word I can use to describe the officiating last night, here we have the conference championship and that’s the crew they put forth? All this after a post season where the zebras weren’t calling anything, letting the players decide the outcome and in the championship game...
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    Sunday NFL Conference Championship

    Gl with these will be on both.
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    NFL Sunday Picks

    Gl with you on both!
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    2 Dogs on Sunday NFL

    Gl with these plays coach! I’m on Buffalo -4 as I played this one early, I also like GuardDawg believe the books are incentivizing Bengals action. My thinking is that the Bills took last weeks game lightly with the QB situation being what it was for the Dolphins, they have no excuse not to win...
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    Saturday Divisional Round

    Too much of a talent discrepancy for the Giants to overcome kudos to the Eagles and all their backers. The only positive I can take away from this train wreck pick is that I made it a smaller bet than I originally contemplated and your right Buff let’s get em today!
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    DIV Saturday

    Good reads on the Unders!
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    Saturday Divisional Round

    New York Giants +8 2* All the reasoning and logic go against me in this one but I’m playing it anyways as I believe these Giants may be a bit of a team of destiny. History is certainly on the Giants side as this franchise has knocked off the number 1 seed in the playoffs six times in there...
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    Interesting info from Action Sports site

    Buffalo was sleeping they saw who was at QB for Miami and felt they could just show up and get the W. They were in trouble in Cincinnati a few weeks ago, they know it to a man and will be all hands on deck for this game. Coach is right about the O line woes for Cincinnati we all saw how the...