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    Sun Feb 12

    Let cash Ice. Need money for new speakers 👍🏻🙏
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    Super Bowl

    GL Neil. On them birds too
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    SB 57 total play

    Well, I have spent 2 weeks dicking around with every tool in my arsenal and the results are the same. These teams match up really close, so the idea it will be a 3 pt game is likely. There is an advantage to KC in the special teams, but that leans more to the punting, but swings some when you...
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    Super Bowl LVII

    GL today Dawg. Hope all the family is well
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    GL today bases................see you in the fall
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    Officials info link

    From Actuon Sports Officials Carl Cheffers is the head referee, which usually means a lot of whistles. Per NFLPenalties.com, Cheffers led all refs with 12.59 accepted penalties per game this season. He tends to call a lot of penalties on both sides of the ball, but they’ve generally hurt...
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    Officials info link

    How frequently does Cheffers' crew throw flags? Per NFLpenalties.com, Cheffers' crew worked 17 games this season (including a divisional round playoff game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills) and threw 214 penalty flags (26 declined, four offsetting) which averages to be 12.6 flags...
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    Officials info link

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    RhodyJoe's Plays of the Day February 12, 2023

    GL today Rhody. Such a hard game with 2 teams so closely matched
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    Super Bowl

    Best o luck Seymour
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    Superbowl Sunday

    GL today Ohara. I'm looking at this being an over kinda game but the fact we have 2 banged up QB's and a chance that 1 good hit puts either one out makes me want to go under. Anyway, I will be in Homosassa on Wed this week (15th) for a week, so I'll let you know what day we plan to hit the...
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    Super Sunday

    GL today IP
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    SB Sunday

    Believe I like both Cuda. GL to you today
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    SB Sunday

    Best to you today sob. See you in the fall man.........................
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    Lids pick for Da Bowl

    Crusin' to a big win and off season are ya coach? Enjoy the time afloat and hope to see you and CC this summer for some golf.
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    Superbowl LVII

    Good luck todat J.
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    Super Sunday

    Best of luck today E and have a safe and happy spring/summer. See you in the fall..............................
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    Notice it’s always the same teams who get screwed by officials? Maybe one day they will figure out it’s a pay to play system. I’m just disgusted that I continue to watch this and bet on it. New page to my spread sheet should include owner net worth and connections to officials and their...
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    NFL Champ Sat.

    GL today Cuda