1. Side Show Bob

    MLB Monday

    Good job buddy!
  2. Side Show Bob

    MLB Saturday

    Nice call og!
  3. Side Show Bob

    SB57 Teaser Pleaser

    I always look forward to the SB but hate it's the last game of the season. Oh well, hopefully the off season goes as fast the "on" season. As usual here's another one of my chicken sh!t teasers to close the 22/23 season.. No prop plays yet, maybe before the game starts.... 7 pt teaser: Philly...
  4. Side Show Bob

    SB Play

    I like it Og! Good luck. Enjoy the game
  5. Side Show Bob

    Super Bowl LVII

    Solid pick Dawg, good luck today
  6. Side Show Bob

    Lids pick for Da Bowl

    Good luck coach, enjoy the game and the Caribbean sunshine...
  7. Side Show Bob

    SB Sunday

    Good luck and enjoy the game
  8. Side Show Bob

    CBB - take a look

    Nice call, thanks Ohara
  9. Side Show Bob

    Champship Teaser Pleasers

    Duh, thanks guys for pointing that out, I corrected it. Bengals +7.5 & Over 42
  10. Side Show Bob

    Champship Teaser Pleasers

    Wow, It's almost all over, the season just flew by, just these 2 games and the SB left, but I'm really looking forward to the draft in April.. The Seahawks and Dallas were in the game until they both turned the ball over, so if Philly can hang on to the ball they should take out SF today...
  11. Side Show Bob

    NFL Championship Weekend

    Good luck today Coach!
  12. Side Show Bob

    Champs weekend

    Good luck today BB
  13. Side Show Bob

    NFL Conference Championship Info

    Great info as always, thanks Ice!
  14. Side Show Bob

    Sunday NFL Conference Championship

    I like it, good luck 1sob
  15. Side Show Bob

    DIV Sunday

    GL today Og!
  16. Side Show Bob

    Sunday's Divisional Round 🤔

    Wow, I sucked yesterday. No more player props 😵‍💫 Bengals +11.5 & Over 55 Boys +10 & Over 40.5 Boys TeamTotal Over 21.5 (The Hawks scored 23 points on them last week so why not...) Lots of luck and enjoy the games everyone...
  17. Side Show Bob

    NFL Sat

    GL today Ohara
  18. Side Show Bob


    Good luck today OB
  19. Side Show Bob

    NFL Saturday

    Good luck today!