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I know some of the characters who frequent this forum have connections far n' wide and we need to put them dots in play and get one of the good guys back safe n' sound.
Local sports writer Dave Malinsky goes missing near Mount Charleston

by Gerard Ramlaho and Phillip Moyer |

Local sports writer Dave Malinsky goes missing near Mount Charleston

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In the world of Las Vegas sports betting, Dave Malinsky is pretty much a household name, a writer and handicapper with a regular column at

On Saturday, as he typically does this time of year, Dave set out for a hike on Mt Charleston.

"He goes off the grid at this time of year because there's not a lot going on. Baseball is kind of a slower season for him, and so he likes to get away," said family friend Jake Dittler.

According to those close to Dave, he was only supposed to be gone for the day but he never returned. He was last seen by a group of hikers around 3:15 p.m. near the north loop trail-head, half way between Lee Canyon and Kyle Canyon Roads.

"The low temperature on Saturday night was down in the 40s and I think about the same last night too, so just really windy,” said Bryan Zink with Red Rock Search and Rescue. “So if he could find shelter and had water and a little bit of food we're very optimistic."

Already a team of 24-volunteers, and Metro Search and Rescue units have combed the trails in the area with no luck. Strong winds Monday prohibited aircraft and drone searches.

Some worry he may be injured or unable to cry out for help.

"He says he's going to be away for the rest of Saturday and I'll be back Sunday morning, he's back Sunday morning 10 times out of 10," Jake Dittler told us.

Authorities want hikers in the area to be on the lookout. His family and friends meantime, just hoping he'll be found.

Metro Search and Rescue Units were planning to resume another search Tuesday morning. If you have any information you can call police at 702/828-3111.

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Search crews working to recover body found near Mount Charleston

Search and rescue crews are working to recover a body found Friday near Mount Charleston, Las Vegas police said.

The body was spotted in the area of Mummy Spring, Metro Lt. Bill Pates said.

Metro’s search and rescue team is on the scene, he said.

Red Rock Search and Rescue has been searching for a man, David Malinsky, since he went missing while hiking near Mount Charleston last weekend. However, the Red Rock team did not respond to Friday’s call and had not been informed whether it was Malinsky, search team spokesman Bryan Zink said.

Metro’s search and rescue team was working to recover the body, which was discovered in a remote area accessible only by trail or helicopter, Zink said.

The Red Rock team was set to resume a search for Malinsky on Saturday morning.

No further information was immediately available.

The Clark County coroner’s office will release the deceased’s identity once family is notified.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

Contact Mike Shoro at or 702-387-5290. Follow @mike_shoro on Twitter.

Crews resume search for missing hiker, sports handicapper David Malinsky

April 19/18

Bill Grundy

This from family friend MLandes18:

@VegasPointBlank #FindDavidMalinsky Due to recent news, all search activities for tomorrow (Saturday April 21/18) have beeen suspended. No additional details will be available until the current situation is confirmed h/t @MLandes18

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Its a very sad day for the entire sports world as this report confirms the worst from a close friend who posted the following @ 3:35pm

"All - thanks to each of you here at SBR who expressed concern and offered thoughts and prayers.

This past week has been filled with a host of different emotions; uncertainty, fear, love, and ultimately despair. One feeling that remained constant throughout the week was support. Some of the support came from people who knew David for decades, some from those who only knew him as an acquaintance, and some who had never met Dave at all, but still offered help. The outpour of support from the Las Vegas hiking and sports community has been truly remarkable. Words cannot describe how grateful we are for the volunteer hikers, Red Rock Search and Rescue, Metropolitan Police, and everyone who offered support to find David. As we all know, Dave had a particular fondness for Bristlecone Pine Trees and referred to them as his “Old Friends in High Places.” We find comfort in knowing he passed doing what he loved, and is now resting peacefully among his friends."

Bill Grundy

Tributes and thoughts begin to pour in from far n' wide.

When you think of it...its quite amazing how many lives each of our lives actually touch It really is "a wonderful life" as we wander along the paths set out for us...and how sad is it that for most of us...we never actually experience those kind words and feelings of us while we are alive. Everything arrives just after we pass when our bus has left the station. And while I would never question anyone's motives for setting out on a hike or a swim by themselves. I would highly recommend we always maintain the "buddy system" for safety. Dave Malinsky in his small part of the world was thinking globally and acting locally - doing his duty of care to try and preserve one of his favourite tree species -the Bristle Cone Pine., from what I've read. He died performing that duty of care to his community and the world and will be missed by sooo sooo many people whose lives he touched while just passing through. He always replied to questions from anyone who visited his daily thoughts on his POINT BLANK report up at SBR sports every day til last Saturday.

Dave was not a religious man, but he did love this musical group

David loved taking close up pics of the whorled never-ending twisting found in bristle cone pines, he wrote it made him think of limitations and possibilities:

Daring to take a path towards what may be unknowable can be among the most noble pursuits of the human spirit. Known targets bring tangible opportunities for achievement, but also limitations; even a well-aimed arrow is forced to halt its arc, having reached a bulls eye. Allow the arrow to be what it is, a tool for a particular purpose, but after your fingers release the bowstring do not let the confines of the arc define you. It was what you did, but only a small piece of who you are.

And here he was on the grind of baseball betting:

The key to Baseball is that while the edges are small, because of the long schedule and the amount of statistical information involved, those edges are also reasonably certain. So it is a long process of grinding away. If you lay -125 on a game that you believe should be -145, you may indeed have an edge. But if you think about what -125 vs. -145 means in exact percentages, you see that it is an edge that takes time to accumulate. The guys that beat Baseball consistently are those that have the commitment to grinding away at those small edges, and realizing that there will be both positive and negative short-term cycles along the way. Because the edges are small, a bettor has to accept that.

Rest in Peace David Malinsky