ACC Conference- Top Two Predications

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With the Clemson Tigers in the National Championship game last year yet, unfortunately falling short to Alabama it is more than likely we see the Tigers come out on top of the ACC Conference yet again due to a strong quarterback and a loaded roster. However, with this in mind the Florida State Seminoles should not be ruled for the ACC title with a strong roster of their own.



In my opinion, I see the Clemson Tigers coming out of the ACC Conference as winners. My predication is that the Tigers will be Over ten and an half wins on the season. This judgment is made as result of the Tigers having past success in the last four years, a favourable schedule, and most importantly the roster itself along with a strong coaching staff. With Deshaun Watson at the quarterback position a highly favoured Heisman Trophy winner and the return of wide receiver Mike Williams Clemson should have little problems scoring the ball. On the other hand, despite, having a somewhat weak defence that will contain mostly first years Clemson should have to take little effort to overcome these minor obstacles.



Lastly, the Florida State Seminoles will have my second highest bet to win the ACC Conference. My predication is that the Seminoles will similarly, be Over nine and half wins in the upcoming season. This is based on the fact that the Seminoles have one of the nation’s highly looked at running backs in Dalvin Cook along with an healthy offensive line that returns all starters from last year. However, Florida State will have to find a quarterback that is more than reliable and can execute the plays that matter the most additionally, Florida State will have to replace a depleted defence from pass rushers to secondary. But, the newcomers on defense for the Seminoles will have to show their willingness to make big time plays through big defence stops or interceptions if the Seminoles want a legitimate chance to take down the Clemson Tigers.



In summary, the Clemson Tigers should be most people’s pick for top spot in the ACC. Although, if the Seminoles can find a well-established quarterback in the next few years, we can look for circumstances to change and ultimately, making the ACC a battle of two teams rather than, a solo favorite in the Clemson Tigers.


ACC Conference Predications:


Team         Win Total     EE Predication

Clemson        10.5               Over


Florida State   9.5                Over


Louisville          9.5               Under



Carolina            8.5               Over


Pittsburgh        7.5               Under


Boston              6.5               Over



Georgia Tech   6.5                Under


Miami                6.5                Over


Virginia Tech     6.5                Over


NC State            6                    Over


Duke                  5.5                 Under


Wake Forest     5.5                  Over


Virginia              4.5                 Under


Syracuse            4                    Over