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    Sunday Rd of Div PO's

    I know E. So many holes in the center of the field left unattended by the Bills D. Allen and crew did their jobs, D could not stop them at all. Next year
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    Sunday Rd of Div PO's

    Yeah G. Some old guy had a sweet potato in his jacket pocket for week 16 game and they have not lost since. So now there is a thing going around where fans are sneaking potatoes into the Bills games as a superstition
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    Sunday Rd of Div PO's

    Must be that pic is to large??
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    Sunday Rd of Div PO's

    Man that was a tough outing yesterday. Had to do some hedging early game to limit the damage, but the late game was a disaster. Sorry if you tailed. But this is how it crumbles when your gambling, so let's get it and a little more back today..................... LAR/TB over 48 - 3* Hard not to...
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    Sunday Picks

    Like it IP. Good luck today
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    how do u beat yesterday

    GL today joe
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    Bold Predictions

    Its a really hard one to cap Lid. These guys are so close, but that Buf D is the deal breaker. Reason I will be on the under too. stay off the side for me..............and I like LAR too. GL coach
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    Like it G. Best to you today................
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    Gimmie ur Best Play

    The photo I referenced earlier. It began popping up all over last night
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    NFL divisionals afc nfc abc

    Great job. It is like that great drive or putt in golf that keeps you coming back GL to you and Dad today
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    SAT FB

    Pitiful. Worst 2 playoff games I’ve seen in years. For once the officials did not sway the games, it was the HC and OCs play calls that defeated great defensive play. On to tomorrow boys………
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    Playoff Saturday

    Man E do I agree with you. You have a D that logs 9 sacks and played the whole game shutting down that offense and then make calls like those? And you loose???? Glad I tagged the 1st half under to hedge some of the damage but highly disappointing. I did notice that Cincy’s D seemed to tire some...
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    Bold Predictions

    How you can have 9 sacks and loose? It was all on the poor O play for sure
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    Sat Divisional Rd

    Under first half was easy $$. Now we need it to open up in the second
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    Sat Jan 22

    GL today Ice