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    Sunday conference plays

    No Dayton that i see maybe Davidson.
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    Saturday Picks

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    Tailed you on a few. Thanks for the wins.
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    Wild Card Weekend....

    Glad seeing you on.
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    Happy New Year

    To all that I tailed and everyone who posts with great info Thanks and have a great new year.
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    Kids Football

    my mistake got it.
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    Kids Football

    Neb +3 ?
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    Thanks for the winner
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    Looks like 50-50 on KC/TB and more over than under. My feeling KC-3 and under 56
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    Xmas Game

    So far 4-3 today: Over Buf 54 2 units
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    2-0 yesterday Total 3-3 tonight like the over 45.5 1 unit
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    Sun NFL

    NFL 1-3 Dal-3 Ari-2.5 1 unit each
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    Licking my wounds 0-2 yesterday. on to today Dal +9 over 45.5 Only 1 unit each
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    Pitt over 43.5 2 Units SF-1.5--------2 units
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    Sat CFB

    Usually just tail but like a couple today 1 unit each OkSt-2 Tex Am -5.5