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    dipping toe in the lake

    ist post since super bowl m bluejays orialles wash / marlins over 7.5 play ball
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    Fri Jan 28

    Looks good so far good luck took the points funny line
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    how do u beat yesterday

    going against the popular bet rich gannon said it best who has won more playoff games brady or stafford bucs money line bills money line under bucs over bills good luck all
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    Jobfree & Alberto

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    NFL Playoff Pool

    I will donate
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    Week 18 lets go out with a bang ML dogs

    like get two your a winner chicken dinner
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    week 18

    tough year hopefully will be rid of covid this year pats -6 texans +11 raiders.bolts over 49 niners +41/2 tenn plays down to opposition niners got too win pats and jimmy plunkett say so good luck to all kick ass
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    Sunday playoffs near

    Just the over but I do lean with the pokes
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    Sunday playoffs near

    Detroit lions plus 71/2. Philly. Money line. Lightning bolts donkeys over. Dallas. Arizona over. Good luck all. Go pats
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    Good call did some tailing thank u
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    College Bowl Plays - Thursday

    Read too late great homework tailed late still won a little
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    Monday Pick

    With u looks like an uphill climb
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    Boxing Day roll

    Pats. -1. Three team money line parlay Cinci. Rams. Jags. Gotta take panthers bucs. Under. That’s it. Steve grogan says go get em boys
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    Sunday Tease

    Good luck
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    Sunday NFL

    No body to catch his passes hoodie will stop his running options. Gotta side with pats can’t wish u luck on the other bus