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    GC: Thursday NCAAB Mt. St. Marys v Texas Southern

    thanks good info have a good one
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    sunday nhl

    canucks need it to stay in it
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    super bowl 55

    tampa plus 31/2 all i got
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    2/4/21 hoops plays

    where in bc are u located
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    CBB Friday 2/5

    already did the handicapping also bored like your findings too go hawks
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    Tuesday, 1/26/21

    likem st joes too good luck
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    semi finals

    doggin it here really like what rodgers is doing but 31/2 is too much mahones isnt healthy buffalo is close too canada so lets go buffallo
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    [Buffalo -3] & [Tampa Bay +4]

    like what you are preaching in the covid world this looks like 2 winners go tom go
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    GC: Tuesday NBA System Play

    i am a believer the monkees go
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    nfl playoffs

    bought the hook taking the rams and their d ravens running game too much for bills cleveland + 10 brian sipe and boys keep it close gotta run with tom and the points bucs +3 good luck all
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    sunday jan 10

    three wins 2 pushes yesterday watch out baltimore _ 3 plus over xavier over 138 bears +10.5 good luck happy birthday to me lets rock today go brownies go
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    Sunday Football

    browns are my team just getting no love with ya good luck
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    Sunday NCAAB

    witn ya
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    weekend football playoff style

    buff indy over took indy +7 washingtom +8 over also rams + 31/2 without goth wood be awsome good luck all