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    NFL divisionals afc nfc abc

    Good luck! And continued success!
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    That fumble was huge. We need a Brady come back now.
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    Good luck
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    Sunday Picks

    Good luck
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    Good luck.
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    Sunday Rd of Div PO's

    Good luck BB
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    NFL Playoff Pool

    I Costanzed myself today. Liked LAR and Buf in our pool. But bet on TB lol and will be on KC lol I went 0-2 in the pool yesterday so decided to fade myself today lol haha may have been a bad idea lol CC didn’t make any picks this weekend and I still can’t pass him lol haha can I get a tax...
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    No bad luck G! I’m on opposite sides today. Like Tompay and KC. Surprised you trust Stafford over Brady today. No way I would put money on Stafford in a big game like this. Let him prove me wrong and I’ll tip my cap at him. Until then it’s Brady all day.
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    I got a couple of forums for you for that type of tease lol
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    I hate teasers more than parlays. Never play them. Looking at teasers when posted here I find that moving the points didn’t really matter or betting them straight would have been better off. I can’t get myself to lay juice in the range of -120 to -140 and bank on winning 2 or more results? It...
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    Paging Garraund lol paging Garraund lol
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    NFL Playoff Pool

    Kambo was the only one in the pool who took Cincy wow Coach??? You bet on Cincy but took Ten in the pool?
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    Bold Predictions

    Good luck on the Pack!! Great call on the Bengals and Tannehill’s mistakes. Vrabel also to blame with such conservative possession with 2 minutes left. It’s like he wanted to play for OT and not take any chances. But Tannehill said nah, hold my beer, I’m gonna show him chances lol
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    WC Sunday

    Good luck bud!! 24-0. Eagles like to beat up on Giants and Redskins. Can’t play with the big boys.
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    Wildcard Sunday

    Good luck on the Niners!