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    Sunday NFL

    Liking Washington a lot, glad to see I'm not alone. Don't see Cam rising to the occasion again. GL on your entire card!
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    3 Overs for Thursday

    Oak kc 9.5 Col STL 8.5 NYG was 40.5 And hooked them up Randy
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    RhodyJoe's Picks of the Day

    Suggest you start a new post for each day. I for one don't like to have to peruse posts from 2017 to get to your Sept 15, 2021 thoughts and picks. Good luck with all your plays! Randy
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    Just wanted to say Happy New Year

    All the best to you and yours in 2020 meestermike! Liking your pics and picks! Randy
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    NHL Picks

    Good Luck icepack! I have plays in on Colorado & Edmonton. Hope you're right on Buffalo ? Randy
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    Monday Picks

    Good Luck icepack! I'm on Pacers with you for a unit and parlayed with Heat ml for 1/2 unit Hoop you sweep! Randy
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    NFL Sunday

    Thanks for the play and good Luck Elite! I'm a big Steelers fan so this would be an early Xmas ? Best of the season to you and yours! Randy
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    Bowl Season

    Chanplay, I wonder if somehow he and Trump are related. :giggle: Randy
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    Week 15 and an apoligy

    LOL saw the post and knew that your fingers were on auto pilot while your brain was in neutral. I remember referring to Goodie as RG3 a few years back! All the best on your card today! Randy
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    thurs pucks

    Hope you sweep Joe! My NHL plays for today are SJ and TB Randy
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    Week 14 Criminals with a 5*

    I'm jumping on the bus with a play on your 5* Under. Hope you have a massive day ????? Randy
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    Sun Plays

    Good Luck Cudaboy! Haven't seen you on the board in a while, hope all is well. Liking both your wagers, Go Steelers! Randy