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    Question for Sonny or anyone else

    Why is GCS no longer advertising on the forum?
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    Question for Sonny or anyone else

    Why is GCS no longer advertising on the forum?
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    Anyone know what's wrong with Direct Tv?

    It seems as though the cards are being zapped twice a week right now! What's going on?
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    Where's DocWatson?

    DocWatson always had solid analysis and picks for baseball. Last I heard he was getting ready for football season. Does anyone know if he plans to return to the forum?
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    Direct TV Question

    I'm from Canada and I resently heard that you have to buy a program package when you buy the this true? The reason I ask is because I was thinking of getting the dish and getting a pirated card from a friend. Any help would be appreciated!
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    Can anyone explain this NHL chart?

    Below is a chart that shows the profit that each team produced last year.NHL ATS Standings 2000-01. How is it that more money was made then lost? Shouldn't there be more teams losing money so that the book makers are making money? Team ATS W/L $ 1 Colo. 62-33 67-27-10 $2245 2 NJ 61-35...
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    Which is the best future bet?

    While looking through future plays I noticed some good value with a few teams: To Win The NL Pennant: Houston Astros 35/1 To Win The Stanley Cup: Red Wings 8.25/1 Capitals 35/1 What does everyone else think?
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    Last years hockey odds?

    Does anyone know where I can find last years hockey odds for research purposes?
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    Second half money making teams

    So what does everyone think? Which teams will make the most units in the second half? The first half leaders were Seattle, Minnesota, Chicago Cubs, and Arizona. For the second half I'll go with: Oakland: They started the season weak, but they have played pretty strong resently. Cincy...
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    Question on Stats

    With the vast amount of knowledge available on the internet I was just wondering what important stats a solid handicapper would look at to get a good idea of what might happen in a given game. I was also wondering if anyone had noticed any trend that seems to dictate a losing streak could be...
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    It's seems as though a lot of people are in mini slumps!

    The last week has been just HORRENDOUS for myself going 0-5 losing about 7 units. I was wondering if this is a common phenomenon at this time of the year. I know that in hockey right before the All Star break can be pretty unpredictable time because of the simple fact that some mediocre teams...
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    Has anyone else found that the games in the last week have been a bit unpredictable? Maybe it's just me!
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    Weather sites for baseball?

    Does anyone know of a good site where you can find the current conditions at any given ballpark? I need things like wind speed, chance of rain etc.