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    sunday nhl

    canucks need it to stay in it
  2. J

    super bowl 55

    tampa plus 31/2 all i got
  3. J

    semi finals

    doggin it here really like what rodgers is doing but 31/2 is too much mahones isnt healthy buffalo is close too canada so lets go buffallo
  4. J

    nfl playoffs

    bought the hook taking the rams and their d ravens running game too much for bills cleveland + 10 brian sipe and boys keep it close gotta run with tom and the points bucs +3 good luck all
  5. J

    sunday jan 10

    three wins 2 pushes yesterday watch out baltimore _ 3 plus over xavier over 138 bears +10.5 good luck happy birthday to me lets rock today go brownies go
  6. J

    weekend football playoff style

    buff indy over took indy +7 washingtom +8 over also rams + 31/2 without goth wood be awsome good luck all
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    sunday nfl

    jettttsss bungles titans ruff ruff
  8. J

    sat boxing day

    hope ya all had a good one only like one dog today liberty +7 tampa bay -9 go tom go god be with me with one
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    sunday nfl

    dogs of the day ne +11/2 bills record against rooks is too appealing cowboys +3 think they have a better qb washington no names buy the hook take seven hope chase young visits russells house good luck all
  10. J

    mon nite

    with brian sipe and jim brown on this one brownies + .3.
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    dogs of the day

    gonna follow up last sunday with another good day no sea dogs today miami +7 washington +3 denver + 31/2 jets + 141/2 have a good day boys go get em
  12. J

    thursday pat day

    taking the 5 and running like crazy under also good luck all jim plunkett fan club
  13. J

    monday seadog blues

    only loss was seattle gmen sure handed it too them washington football +7
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    sunday nfl

    cleveland denver jets seadogs 4m teamer plus each game 1 unit lets go
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    nfl sun

    browns -7 bills/bolts over 51.5 too the well thats dry pats +1 giants -6.5
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    sat college

    northwestern under 42 boston college -1 good luck
  17. J

    week 11

    ne -2 jets +91/2 vikes -7 atl +31/2 good luck everyone
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    saturday ncaa

    dogs are running today arkansas cover 6 of 7 +11/2 northwetern + 71/2 indiana + 20
  19. J

    thurs niter

    scard to pull the trigger either way cards +3 over 57 good luck
  20. J

    monday niter

    perfect day if arizona kicks extra point no understande anybody have view point bears +3 have a good day