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  1. ReaDyMon

    3 Overs for Thursday

    Oak kc 9.5 Col STL 8.5 NYG was 40.5 And hooked them up Randy
  2. ReaDyMon

    Kick the field goal!

    Do I need to go on.....? Randy
  3. ReaDyMon

    Pinnacle Sports

    Question to the forum: Does anyone else struggle to log on to Pinnacle on Sunday mornings during NFL. For the last 5-7 weeks it takes forever to log in, if I even can. I get a message usually as I'm trying to log in that says "a problem occurred with the web page, so it was reloaded". After the...
  4. ReaDyMon


    Talent vs Ego Unfortunately for Antonio, Ego won out. Ego at the cost of potentially tens of millions $$$$$$$$$ No Nike, maybe no NFL, maybe no more career? Hard to feel sorry for him cause.......... I'm a diehard Steelers fan:LOL: Maybe the CFL Randy
  5. ReaDyMon

    MLB Tuesday

    Rockies/Cubs Over 10.5 -103 to win 1 unit Winds blowing out in Chicago often result in Overs no matter the starters. Twins ml +116 to win 1 unit I like dogs with winning records. GLTA Randy
  6. ReaDyMon

    Monday two Total parlay mlb nhl

    Not much on the menu today. Gonna risk 1/2 unit on Seattle/Houston Over 9.5 & Boston/St. Louis Under 5.5 Pays 1.07 unit Tread lightly, Totals are not my forte! Randy
  7. ReaDyMon

    MLB Sunday

    Brewers/Pirates Over 9 -117 to win 1 unit May be going back to the well once too often Texas -119 to win 1 unit Twins +106 to win 1 unit Dodgers -1.5 +119 to win .5 unit Parlay: Raptors-2/Dodgers/Twins .5 unit pays 2.56 unit I think Raptors are the better defensive team and am comfortable...
  8. ReaDyMon

    MLB Saturday

    I'm almost certain this is my 1st wager on Toronto this season. I'll chance backing the Blue Jays with Stroman starting and ml @ +133 to win 1.5 unit. I Like MIL/PIT to go over again: Over 9 -112 to win 1 unit. May add the Over in the Cubs tilt later. Randy
  9. ReaDyMon

    Friday MLB

    Woof Woof! Philadelphia ml +145 to win 1 unit NYY ml +132 to win 1 unit Tampa Bay ml -122 to win 1 unit Lean to Brewers/Pirates Over 9.5, but have not put a play in yet! I like my chances on at least one of the dogs. Randy
  10. ReaDyMon

    MLB Thursday

    Early tilt have played Philadelphia -105 to win 1.5 unit STL/PHI Over 10.5 -100 to win .5 unit I just see value backing the better team, at home, on a roll, Harper looking like Harper. I kinda see pitching here as a wash as opposed to a real STL edge. Randy
  11. ReaDyMon

    Early MLB Woof Woof

    Pittsburgh Pirates +133 to win 1.5 unit Parlay Pirates and TB to win .5 unit Two crap teams in early tilt, DesClafani not in good form recently and Brault has good history vs Reds, gimme the dog! Randy
  12. ReaDyMon

    AAF Sunday Total & NHL Side

    Was listening to Sports Talk radio while driving back from a small grocery run. The new AAF league is in Week 2, the Under going 5-1 in Week 1. One of the talking heads mentioned that S.A. appeared to be the best defensively. He also mentioned that none of the teams have any real talent at QB...
  13. ReaDyMon

    Thursday NHL

    Glad I laid off yesterday, my leans would have killed me. One Total and one Side today: STL/BOS Under 5.5 -123 to win 2 units Tampa Bay -142 to win 1 unit I think Toronto's funk is more than just goaltending. GLTA Randy
  14. ReaDyMon

    NHL Tuesday

    New Jersey/Columbus Over 6.5 to win 1 unit New York Islanders -154 to win 1 unit New York Islanders -1.5 +176 to win 1 unit (STL playing 3rd in 4 days, including btb on the road) Tampa Bay Lightning -152 to win 1 unit (Can't wager on a team that has scored only 1 goal in 3 of their last 4...
  15. ReaDyMon

    NHL Monday Totals

    Min/Phi Under 6 Mtl/Bos Under 5.5 Buf/Edm Over 6 To win 1 unit on each Have been on a nice unposted run, we'll see how these fare...... GLTA Randy
  16. ReaDyMon

    NHL Friday

    Three puckhead plays: Oilers ml -117 to win 3 units (Wild are playing 3rd game in 4 nights and back-to-back) Jets/Oilers ml parlay 1 unit pays 2.61 Carolina/Anahiem Under 5.5 -133 to win 1 unit GLTA Randy
  17. ReaDyMon

    NHL Tuesday

    Had a bit more time on my hands than usual ......... NHL To win 2.5 units Mtl +105 Edm -141 To win 1 unit Van -117 TB -228 To win .5 unit Buf +121 LVK -133 Parlay Mtl & Edm 1 unit pays 3.7 Go Habs! Randy
  18. ReaDyMon

    Wednesday mixed bag

    Ohio/Mia Ohio Over 58.5 -106 to win 3* SA +2 -107 to win 1* Ind -3 -110 to win 1* Tor/Sac Over 232 -107 to win 1* Parlay the lot .5* pays 6.293* I think the ncaa tilt will be a track meet. My gut is telling me to go with Pops, Demar & Aldridge plus the points. I like the Pacers a lot laying...
  19. ReaDyMon

    Early a week 2 NFL

    I think Rogers needs to be near 100% for GB to have a chance to win this tilt. Min -3 -103 to win 5u I watched most of the Jets tilt and was impressed. If Darnold can avoid the jitters of his 1st home start, I like the Jets chances. NYJ -2.5 -118 to win 3u Car/Atl Over 44 -105 to win 2u...
  20. ReaDyMon

    Rat Bastard Mother F***ers!!

    I ended the day up just over 3 units. I put a late wager in on Vikes for 3 units -5.5 which looked to me as if it was going to cash on their last TD. I knew they were to kick the extra point, as it was not OT. If not for ridiculous amount of time wasted reviewing the TD, they may have done so...