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    Sunday Rd of Div PO's

    Man that was a tough outing yesterday. Had to do some hedging early game to limit the damage, but the late game was a disaster. Sorry if you tailed. But this is how it crumbles when your gambling, so let's get it and a little more back today..................... LAR/TB over 48 - 3* Hard not to...
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    Sat Divisional Rd

    Had a great weekend last week but since it was mostly un-posted, I will not reference the record. Came up short on the Arz side but made a * with the under. On to this weekend................... Tenn -4 - 3* At home with an extra week off, the tits have gotten back 3 big names to play today in...
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    Mon niter final WC game

    Just some stats to toss out there before my plays…… Stafford is 12-71 vs teams with winning finish record The ATS, favorite and the under are 4-1 this weekend so far…. going with under 49 - 3* Arz +3.5 - 2* GL TA
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    Wildcard Sun

    Hey gang. Been a long few weeks. My dad passed on Thurs night and is now calling the Bills games from the ultimate skybox with mom. But not to be sad since it was a blessing that he is gone and the long road has come to an end. And boy did he dial it up last night. It's been sometime since I've...
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    Champ game

    I’m gonna use the +11* from the bowls and go on a limb Bama+3- 3* even without their top WR I just think they find guys to step up. It’s like Sabin is in sync with the hoodie when it comes to getting unknowns to step up Over 53- 5* while these are certainly 2 outstanding run Ds, look for a ton...
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    Week 18 finale

    Time moves so fast as we get older................. Ind/Jax over 43 - 4* I find it interesting that Jax has owned Indy with 5 straight wins. They will have to score today to make it 6 staright Pitt/Bal under 41.5 - 2* They both have to win and get help today. Only way in. Let's stay low with...
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    Needs/Wants and just plain don't give a F week 17

    Closing in on the playoffs and there is all kinds of craziness out there. But let's take a stab at some...................Early games first LV/Indy under 45.5 - 2* Lots of running here with some big D's having to step up for various PO implications. KC/Cin over 50 - 3* Total sling fest and...
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    NCSU game cancelled?

    Just got to club for dinner and saw this on score Mobil. Really?
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    Week 16 Felons

    Boy, going thru the injury/covid updates on todays games and it's a damn mess. There is 1 game that jumped at me though............. Balt/Cin under 43.5 - 2* Good Lord, there are 30 players on the covid list alone between these 2 teams, and that's just what is reported. Balt starting Josh...
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    Almost forgot

    Happy Boxing Day to all our family north of the boarder. Wishing you and all those who you love and care about a most joyous holiday season. Thanks G for the reminder in CC's thread......................
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    Buffalloboy's bowl thread

    Been a busy start to the bowl season and am just getting around to getting these bowls in a single thread................... 4-1 +6* to date............. these were the plays in Week 1 bowl games..................... NIU/Costal Car over 63 - 1* W WKU +2.5 - 2* W UAB/BYU over 56 - 3* W...
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    Mon Bowl game

    So far 4-0 posted on bowls. OD +9 - 1* OD came alive late and are motivated to get a second Bowl win in last 5 yrs. Tulsa has been very vanilla in both sides of the ball. They likely win but don’t think they can cover more than 3 or 4 in doing it
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    Week 15 Criminal League

    Nice day yesterday with 3-0 (4-0 +7* overall bowls) posted on the kids.............If only I can transfer that today. Not liking a ton today as Vegas is dialed right in, especially with the totals. But this is normal by week 15. I have spent a bunch of time tracking down injuries/covid outs and...
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    Sat Bowling Week 1

    Running behind again today WKU +2.5 - 2* Got to think WKU outscores Appy. Is App St really thrilled to be here at 10-3??
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    Fri night bowl

    Sorry guys. Running my arse off. Went over 63 NIU/Coastal
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    Hold tight Thurs nite

    Likely won’t get anyone here to agree except Lid but here we go KC -3 and Under 54 -1* ea Lots of debate to support either way with key players out and other stats to lead towards a high scorer, but I feel KC is hotter than the Bolts right now and their D has been playing pretty well of late. At...
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    Leave it in the hands of the Mafia

    I had to chuckle when I saw this and since there have been many discussions of the poor officiating here the past few years, I could not resist. Enjoy and keep it light gang, ole BB sure is……...
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    As a Navy vet I understand where our team is at. Going army -7 for two stars
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    Shout out to Neil

    Shout out to NeilSirius XM radio Neil Young channel 27 all this and next week
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    Totally stoked

    Just got home from the VA and am so stoked for tonight’s game!!!!!!!’ Perfect Buf weather. Welcome to the real (cold and windy)world Jones LOL. Let me do some homework and back soon. Beef on Wyck is rolling and gotta grill wings in the snow and wind here in MI. GO BILLS