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    Fryday Picks

    Thanks for the sweep IP! Did not have any time to cap today when I got home. Tail u and swept the card! I owe you drinks if we ever catch up! Great work my friend!
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    Gimmie ur Best Play

    Books will need: KC, TB, SF, CIN public coming off a very nice weekend.
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    Good luck bases!
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    Good Luck tonight!!
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    0-3 last time out so let’s see if we can post some winners tonight. 1. Austin Peay +3.5 (CBB) 2. GA ST & BELMONT ML +110 (CBB) 3. Nicholls St -13 (2*) 4. Northern KY +3.5 (CBB) 5. Dallas ML & FLA +1.5 +102 (NHL) 6. Columbus over 5.5 & FLA over 5 -102 (NHL) Good Luck to everyone! OB
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    Very nice day on Sunday, and have a little time tonight to post the late games which I really like all quite a bit. So here are the picks 1. Utah Valley +1.5 (CBB) 2. California +2 (CBB) 3. Nevada ML -115 (CBB) OB
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    NCAAB Tues

    Great work on that sweep Scotte! Congrats and BOL today!
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    NFL Sunday

    Good luck today Neil!!
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    NFL Plays....wk 18 {Kappa}

    Good Luck today Coach! On that Chargers over with you!
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    NFL Sunday Picks

    Good Luck today IP!!
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    Sunday Week 18

    Wow, how quickly did those 18 weeks go. We are finally here and I’m looking forward to some exciting playoffs games! NFL season was extremely profitable and I’m very thankful for it. As we close the year with the very tricky last week of the season wanted to say BIG CONGRATS to Ohara, Beersteve...
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    Adding the 2nd play as I missed it on the original post 2. Eastern Washington +2.5 (CBB) OB
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    College basketball NHL

    Good Luck Chan!
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    Been a little while since I had the time to post, but really like this two plays so will share 1. Utah -9.5 (CBB) Line has been moving from 9.5-10.5 will play it up to 12. OB
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    January 1, 2022

    Happy New Years G! Let’s make 22 the BEST YET!
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    Christmas Day

    Looks like 2-3 so far today.., so I’m going to fire up the night cap! 1. Stanford +3 (CBB) 2. Arizona ML -130 (NFL) 3. Lakers over 222.5 (NBA) lets close Christmas Day w a sweep! OB
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    Christmas Day

    Looks like GA St was the right side so looks like 1-2 start to the day. Will add this 5pm game before coming back for the night cap, thank you BB and Merry Christmas to you and yours as well! 1. BYU -7 (b.5) (CBB) OB
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    Christmas Day

    Thanks guys! Here are the 3:30 plays 1. Cleveland +7.5 (NFL) 2. Phoenix -5.5 (NBA) Lots has been said about how great the Green Bay Packers are and how decimated Cleveland is due to Covid. We watched the same thing last week with the Raiders game. I get that AROD might be the best QB in the...
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Ohara!! Have a great day w the Fam!!