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  1. GuardDawg30

    NFL Divisional Round

    Thank you Lid. I hate going against you on the total of the late game but I just have a feeling it is going to be a track meet.
  2. GuardDawg30

    NFL Divisional Round

    Over 54 Kansas City 2**
  3. GuardDawg30

    NFL Divisional Round

    Well that was a swift kick in the nads...Nothing like starting off 0-4 on the weekend...two plays to start today off... Rams +10 3*** Buffalo+8.5 Over 48 Tampa Bay 2** Let's get some back...BOL everyone
  4. GuardDawg30

    NFL Divisional Round

    Green Bay-5.5 3*** Over 47 1*
  5. GuardDawg30

    NFL Divisional Round

    Tennessee-4 2** Over 48.5 1*
  6. GuardDawg30

    Sat Divisional Rd

    Like them all bb
  7. GuardDawg30

    NFL Playoff Pool

    I completely forgot to enter this...GL guys
  8. GuardDawg30

    NFL Wild Card Weekend

    Well that didn't go as expected yesterday...I never imagined that many points in the Buffalo game..The result of that game is how I thought the Tampa Bay game should going to go today...I am going to post my plays for the first two games. I am leaning towards not touching the Pittsburgh game...
  9. GuardDawg30

    Gimmie ur Best Bet for the Weekend

    Tampa Bay-7 The way the Bills game went last night is how I see this game going today
  10. GuardDawg30


    God lord Scotte. We pretty much line up on all of the plays. I don’t know if that is a good thing for you 😂😂. Gl today
  11. GuardDawg30

    Wildcard Sunday

    Gl today Elite
  12. GuardDawg30

    NFL Wild Card Plays

    Gl today Lidder
  13. GuardDawg30

    Wildcard Sun

    I am so sorry for your loss BB. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Gl today. Like the Bucs also
  14. GuardDawg30

    SB winner future

    Nope. They wear Black and Gold 😂😂
  15. GuardDawg30

    NFL Wild Card Weekend

    Cincinnati -6 1* Over 48.5 Cincinnati 2** Under 43 Buffalo 2**
  16. GuardDawg30


    As always Ice thank you for the great info
  17. GuardDawg30

    NFL pool

    Awesome job O’Hara.
  18. GuardDawg30

    Bama Bus

    He is riding in the trailer on the tractor that Ice is driving 😂😂
  19. GuardDawg30

    National Championship

    I think the odds makers nailed the lines on this game...I have went back and forth on how to play this game the best way possible..I like Georgia tonight first and foremost and I know my play may not show that if that makes any sense...If I would of got it at 2.5 I take the dawgs, but I got it...
  20. GuardDawg30

    Champ game

    GL tonight BB!!