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  1. GuardDawg30

    NFL Divisional Round

    Tennessee-4 2** Over 48.5 1*
  2. GuardDawg30

    NFL Wild Card Weekend

    Cincinnati -6 1* Over 48.5 Cincinnati 2** Under 43 Buffalo 2**
  3. GuardDawg30

    National Championship

    I think the odds makers nailed the lines on this game...I have went back and forth on how to play this game the best way possible..I like Georgia tonight first and foremost and I know my play may not show that if that makes any sense...If I would of got it at 2.5 I take the dawgs, but I got it...
  4. GuardDawg30

    NFL Week 18

    It is hard to believe this is the last week of the regular season already...Two late plays Miami+6.5 2** Over 48.5 Arizona 2** Jacksonville is taking care of business so far...Now to watch the last gut wrenching 8 minutes of the Steelers game....May play something on the late game BOL...
  5. GuardDawg30

    NFL Sunday

    Had an awesome time and a little New Year's Day party last night...We got to watch some football and hang out with some of our good friends...Time to hydrate and watch the early games...Really no rhyme or reason for these early picks...They are just what I like today: Indy-1.5 2** New...
  6. GuardDawg30

    Happy New Year EE!!

    I just want to take a second out to wish everyone here at EE a Happy New Year!!..I have to say we have a awesome little community here..Hardly any drama and next to zero toxicity...Everyone respects each other and their plays and we all even have a good laugh together whether up or down...Here...
  7. GuardDawg30

    NFL Week 16

    I got the split yesterday...I really thought the late game would hit the over..Arizona left a lot of points on the field...This has to be one of the hardest seasons to cap in years...It is turning into a bigger crap shoot than ever with all of the players either out or you don't know if they are...
  8. GuardDawg30

    HO HO HO Merry Christmas (and a few picks)!!

    First off I want to wish all of you guys a Merry Christmas....I hope Santa brought everyone what they wanted and everyone is spending time with their loved ones....3 plays today...A teaser, a side, and a total Green Bay-.5 2** Indy+9 Green Bay-7.5 1* Over 48.5 Arizona 1** BOL today...
  9. GuardDawg30

    Thursday Night NFL

    Haven’t stopped running since leaving work. Picked the Prime rib up for Christmas. Got all the other good stuff also the sopressata, Prosciutto,capo cola and all of the olives and cheeses. Can’t wait to start cooking Saturday. You never know how many more Christmas’s you have left with family...
  10. GuardDawg30

    MNF Two is better than one....right?

    Kind of pressed for time...Just got home from work in time to post...I wish I would of put my play in last night with the Raiders getting 3....I just don't know how you can bet Cleveland with no Hunt,Landry,Hooper,Keenum or Mayfield on offense...Let's also not forget both starting tackles are...
  11. GuardDawg30

    NFL Week 15

    The "Boss" gave me the day off after going out into the wild and finishing up Christmas shopping yesterday...I tried every excuse in the book to try and get out of it but none of them few early plays for the most part just betting against bad teams and breaking one of my rules on...
  12. GuardDawg30

    2021 Bowl Thread

    I will be doing a running thread for the bowl season...I may have to post a few games the night before due to work....I already have one play locked in...I placed it the following day after the playoff games were announced ..I have Alabama -13 3***. If the line moves I may add more...
  13. GuardDawg30

    The Ten Bowl Commandments

    It is an oldie but a goodie. Here they are: I. Thou shalt look to pick the straight up winner of the game. This may seem obvious but let's examine, for a moment, why this statement is so important. It's very common for handicappers and players to become overly preoccupied with the...
  14. GuardDawg30

    NFL Week 14

    Starting the day off down one and the juice..I didn't think Pittsburgh/Minnesota would decide to score 900 points Thursday night..Normalcy then returned yesterday hitting the annual under play in the Army/Navy play..Three early plays today...Two unders and a a teaser: Baltimore+9.5 2**...
  15. GuardDawg30

    Army/Navy Game

    I stick with the same play every year in this game and this year is no different....One play: Under 35.5 2**
  16. GuardDawg30

    NFL Thursday Night

    I took last Sunday off posting my plays..Just a bad last few weeks took a few shitty beats but hey it comes with the territory. I tailed Alberto to get me some new Benjis with Seton Hall...Just one play tonight for the NFL game...11 of the last 13 Thursday night games have gone under....I think...
  17. GuardDawg30

    NCAA Championship Saturday

    Want to get this posted before the game starts. I’ll be back shortly with my other plays. San Diego St-6 2** Over 49.5 1*
  18. GuardDawg30

    NFL Week 12.

    The kids killed me yesterday. Couldn’t get anything going. 3 early plays today. Pittsburgh+10.5 2** New York Giants+11 under 45 Philadelphia 2** under 45.5 Atlanta 2** Bol everyone. Back later on.
  19. GuardDawg30

    NCAA Saturday

    Went 2-1 on Thanksgiving. Up 1.6 units going into today. Here are a few early plays. OHIO St-7 2** Over 55 Georgia 1* Florida St+3 1*
  20. GuardDawg30

    Thanksgiving Day Plays

    I want to wish all of my fellow American's a Happy Thanksgiving today and the best of luck to all of them...Little pressed for time as I am cooking dinner and awaiting the arrival of the family for dinner...I am just going to post all of my plays at one time....I have been on a slide the last...