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  1. Garraund

    Conference Championships

    Take the seven while you can. Hook gonna come soon. Chiefs beat Rams in Super Bowl
  2. Garraund

    Sunday Rd of Div PO's

    Sweet potato curse?
  3. Garraund

    Gimmie ur Best Play

    Air-Fryer Roasted Caramelized Bananas 2 ripe bananas, cut diagonally 1 tbsp butter 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon butter Drizzle melted butter, sugar and cinnamon on bananas and cook (in a single layer) in air fryer at 370 degrees for 7 minutes a side
  4. Garraund

    Sun Jan 23

    " Michael Giacchino " The Batman { 2022 } !!! &&& ****
  5. Garraund


    Good luck with the Rams today
  6. Garraund

    NFL divisionals afc nfc abc

    Great calls on the totals (glad you didn't play your side predictions!!) Rooting for your dad. Go dad!!!
  7. Garraund

    NFL Games this weekend

    You're not kissing my sister!!
  8. Garraund

    Bold Predictions

    Under tonight, eh? Bold indeed.
  9. Garraund

    Sunday Picks

    Good luck today Ice. That is all.
  10. Garraund

    how do u beat yesterday

    Brady and Rodgers might both retire after this weekend...
  11. Garraund


    You tease two games to get one in the books as a winner, and extra points to play with in the second game. Gives you huge opportunities to find a middle and win both ways. You tease to give yourself some breathing room when you really like a team and are invested emotionally. For instance, your...
  12. Garraund


    Sheep beat Desperadoes Herd beat Natives All four road teams win this weekend LAR +3 4* BUF +1' 3* Tease LAR +9 & BUF +7' 4* Parlay LAR ML BUF ML +340 2* Propositions (all for cheese & charcuterie board money) Tyreek Hill Under 71' receiving yards Cam Akers Over 19' receiving yards
  13. Garraund

    Wildcard Sun

    Condolences. Rest in peace.
  14. Garraund

    NFL Week 18

    Just one play this evening. I like LA Chargers tonight. Particularly if Raiders are already in by kickoff. Should know that here by 4:30 pm. Raiders are in with Jax win and Steelers loss. LA Chargers -3'...........****
  15. Garraund

    January 2 NFL

    3-1 +9.8 units yesterday NFL Teaser Six points Cincinnati +10' Dallas pick Risk: 3 stars NFL 'Ah' ML Parlay (6 teams) Tita-155 New Engla-1300 Phila-260 Buffa-1000 Indiana-380 Tampa -950 Risk: 2 stars at +277 Note: this is basically a Tita ML play with odds juiced in my favor due to my...
  16. Garraund

    NFL Sunday

    Also, where's my under? Your contract stipulates that you post one NFL under each week. You are in violation of your terms of service. *grumbles*
  17. Garraund

    NFL Sunday

    Nice job yesterday. I hear you have new sister-wives now. Guess you'll be needing that 20 from CC.
  18. Garraund

    Pros Sunday

    The thought of extra wardens chills me to the bone... You just knew you were going to lose that bet when you offered him points or straight up... Good luck with the teaser today
  19. Garraund

    NFL Sunday

    Stinky picks. But sometimes those work out when you time them right. Good luck today
  20. Garraund


    Good luck with the picks