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    NFL divisionals afc nfc abc

    Good luck! And continued success!
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    That fumble was huge. We need a Brady come back now.
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    Good luck
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    Sunday Picks

    Good luck
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    Good luck.
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    Sunday Rd of Div PO's

    Good luck BB
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    NFL Playoff Pool

    I Costanzed myself today. Liked LAR and Buf in our pool. But bet on TB lol and will be on KC lol I went 0-2 in the pool yesterday so decided to fade myself today lol haha may have been a bad idea lol CC didn’t make any picks this weekend and I still can’t pass him lol haha can I get a tax...
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    No bad luck G! I’m on opposite sides today. Like Tompay and KC. Surprised you trust Stafford over Brady today. No way I would put money on Stafford in a big game like this. Let him prove me wrong and I’ll tip my cap at him. Until then it’s Brady all day.
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    I got a couple of forums for you for that type of tease lol
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    I hate teasers more than parlays. Never play them. Looking at teasers when posted here I find that moving the points didn’t really matter or betting them straight would have been better off. I can’t get myself to lay juice in the range of -120 to -140 and bank on winning 2 or more results? It...
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    Paging Garraund lol paging Garraund lol
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    NFL Playoff Pool

    Kambo was the only one in the pool who took Cincy wow Coach??? You bet on Cincy but took Ten in the pool?
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    Bold Predictions

    Good luck on the Pack!! Great call on the Bengals and Tannehill’s mistakes. Vrabel also to blame with such conservative possession with 2 minutes left. It’s like he wanted to play for OT and not take any chances. But Tannehill said nah, hold my beer, I’m gonna show him chances lol
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    WC Sunday

    Good luck bud!! 24-0. Eagles like to beat up on Giants and Redskins. Can’t play with the big boys.
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    Wildcard Sunday

    Good luck on the Niners!
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    Wildcard Sunday

    Yes I’m tempted to play TB +1.5 2nd half
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    Wildcard Sun

    My deepest condolences BB. May your father’s gentle soul rest in eternal peace. I lost my dad in 2008, he was only 61 and a big EPL fan. I got a tattoo of him and logo of his favourite team, Arsenal, on my left forearm. Good luck to your Bills and thinking of you and your family buds.
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    Wildcard Sunday

    Nice call on the 1st half under. Clutch INT by Tampa. Hurts is not the same QB when forced to throw and abandon the run. You can see his lack of arm strength on that INT. The safety came all the way from the middle of field to intercept it.
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    NFL Playoff Pool

    Got the email thanks
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    NFL Playoff Pool

    What’s the prize payout? There’s what? 18 or 19 of us?