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  1. Side Show Bob

    Superbowl Sunday

    Good luck today 1sob
  2. Side Show Bob

    The final countdown

    Looks good, best of luck today BB!
  3. Side Show Bob

    SB Sunday

    GL Og and enjoy the game, it would be nice to see a Bengals win too
  4. Side Show Bob

    Super Bowl LVI

    Solid picks Dawg, Rams by 7? Goodluck, especially with the prop parlay!
  5. Side Show Bob

    Superbowl- It's All Over But The Crying

    Well it's last game of the season, no more NFL until September... 🙁 I don't care who wins along as It's close and not decided by the officials or dumb OT rules. I'm playing a 6.5 point teaser and a couple player prop plays. Bengals +10.5 & Over 42 QB (Ttl Rushing Yds- M. Stafford) Over 5.5 TD...
  6. Side Show Bob

    NFL Divional Teasers

    I'm looking forward to some good football this weekend, hopefully not decided by poor officiating or weather... Titans +3 & Over 41.5 Packers +2 & Over 40 Lots of luck and enjoy the games everyone!
  7. Side Show Bob

    NFL Games this weekend

    Solid looking card there 1Sob
  8. Side Show Bob

    Week 18 lets go out with a bang ML dogs

    Nice day Og! That Raiders game was heart attack football
  9. Side Show Bob

    NFL Week 18 Its all over but the crying

    This season went by to fast as usual... Hawks ML +198 Hawks TT Over 20.5 Hawks/Cards Over 48 Bengals TT Over 15.5 Fish +6 Enjoy the games everyone
  10. Side Show Bob

    MNF Teaser Week 17

    7 point teaser: Browns +6 & Over 36.5 Lots of luck and enjoy the game everyone....
  11. Side Show Bob

    NFL Week 17...

    Playing some 3 game 7 point teasers today... Rams 0, Bengals +10.5, & Fish +10 Saints/Panthers U44, TB/Jets O40.5 & Cards +13.5 Lots of luck everyone
  12. Side Show Bob

    Happy Boxing Day NFL Gridiron

    Happy boxing day guys, I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas, I know I did... lots of unseasonably cold weather and snow here, actually we had the 1st white Xmas in years. Anyways it's hard to believe the season is coming to an end here's my picks for today. New England -1 Yes I'm jumping...
  13. Side Show Bob

    NFL Boxing Day

    Good luck today G
  14. Side Show Bob

    NFL Tuesday Teasers

    Thanks, merry Christmas to you too OB!
  15. Side Show Bob

    NFL Tuesday Teasers

    Looking forward to the rare Tuesday night football... Hawks +14 & Over 41 Eagles -2.5 & Over 33.5 Enjoy the games everyone and lots of luck!
  16. Side Show Bob


    Solid looking card there OB
  17. Side Show Bob

    NFL Wk.15

    I like that over, GL today Coach
  18. Side Show Bob

    NFL Sunday

    GL today Neil
  19. Side Show Bob

    NFL Sunday Picks

    GL today Ice
  20. Side Show Bob

    NFL Week 15

    GL with the Fish and Bills today Dawg