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    July 7th CFL Pick

    Edm +4.5 1.5 units Edm played well in Calgary even though they lost Tre Ford looked decent Calgary has won a couple of games in the 2nd half I dont think it will happen this time around.
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    Toronto Blue Jays season TT & Run Line

    im going to go all season with the blow jays tt and -1 line this team is exciting to watch and the lineup from top to bottom is one of the best Jays tt over 5.5+110 Jays -1 -145 all for 1 unit
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    Superbowl Sunday

    Pretty sad day last game of the season and it went by so fast. All last week I was leaning Bengals but looking at it more I cant see the O Line of Bengals stopping Donald/Miller & Co Burrows got sacked 9 times against the Titans I believe Rams D is far better than titans. Imo Burrows will have a...
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    NFL Games this weekend

    I know Maddog always says divisional game take the home team no matter what but I like the Rams on the road . Like the Rams even though they are away the Rams already beaten Brady and Co at home . They match up well but Brady O line will be put to the test with Miller and Donald breathing on...
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    Monday Wild Card

    Rams-3-120...2 units Wild card weekend was boring except for the Dallas game on to tonights game. Cards haven't been the same team for the stretch run as they started out looking for the Rams to come out and pick the Cards D apart. No answer for Kupp GL
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    Sunday NFL

    Working today gonna quickly post my plays Raiders +10 Jets+6-115 Bengals +2 Bills+4-120 All for 3 units Good Luck to Everyone
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    NFL Sunday

    Did well with kids ball lets see how I do with NFL Rams-12.5 ...2 units Rams lost the last couple since the Miller trade I see them coming out hard vs a Jacksonville team that is going no where a big blow out coming Bears under 21-110 1H...2 units both teams will try and control the ball with...
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    Saturday Kids Championship Games

    Bama +7-120....4 units Alright this might be a sucker bet here I know Georgia is really good but getting a td for a Saban team is unheard of. This game will be a great game Michigan -11...3 units Iowa is not a good team they played a lot of cream puffs now they step up a to the big boys...
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    Turkey picks

    Happy Turkey Day to the south of the border hope you all eat well and stay safe Lions +3-123 Dallas-7-120 Bills over 44.5-115 all for 2 units
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    Kids Football

    Mich st +20-115 BC-2 G tec +18 Auburn over 45 2 units each Best of luck
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    Kids football

    Out of town for my sons hockey tournament Wisky over 41 P State +3-120 Bama -50 All for 2 units
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    Kids Football

    wont be around tmr morning so posting plays UNC-2.5 ...2 units unranked team at home fav vs a ranked team who is 8-0 Vegas knows Memphis over 70...2 units No D what so ever Purdue +3...2 units GL
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    colts -3 Bears +4 Panthers +3-115 Jags+4-120 GL
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    Kids Football

    Rutgers -1-105 Iowa +4-130 Georgia over 51 Michigan +4-105 Hawaii+5.5 all for 1 unit
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    even thought packers has 3 wr out the line dropped to 6 some places still has 6.5 I think Rodgers will be able to move the ball on the ground and make passes to Cobb I'll bite and take Packers +7-120 for 3 units
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    NFL Sunday

    winning day with the kids football now lets try NFL Cinci +7...3 units Cinci ml+225...1 unit I'll take the points this is a divisional game look for bengals to keep it close or even win out right Panthers-3..2 units Giants are in trouble with so many injuries Colts+4.115..2 units something is...
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    Saturday Football

    Wisconsin-3 bama-25 Pen St over 46 all for 2 units
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    NHL hockey season thread 1sob

    Blues +110 All for 1 unit
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    1Sob NBA Season Thread

    Lets start off with Mil -1 and under 235-115 GL
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    NFL Sunday

    Won a little bit on kids football Bears +6 Chargers+3 Browns-3 Seahawks +5 All for 2 units Good Luck