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    ML Parlay NBA and NFL

    Sorry for late post. Celtics ml with Pitts ml $100 ---> 103.57 May do a few more of these in NBA tonite.
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    Atlanta vs Leafs

    Apparently Sundin has lost 9 lbs with the flu but is playing tonite. Was liking the Thrash in any case, for many reasons, most obvious or already given by others. I don't see a Best Bet thread tonite, so this is my best bet with Atlanta +108 Record: 1-3 (-2.30 units)(I think, will check...
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    Major Line Shift in Slam Dunk?

    Jamario Moon has gone from being about a +300 to win the slam dunk and now is only +132 at Pinny. Dwight Howard is +246 and he was clearly the fav this morning. Anyone have any ideas on what has happened? Apart from the fact that money obviously is coming in on Jamario? :rolleyes: Dang, I...
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    Field Conditions on MNF

    A report from the field is that they have left and the game is delayed due to lightning. But they also said the players found it far more soggy and sloppy than anyone had imagined. Guys running pass routes found they couldn't maintain footing. This looks like an Under play. Also, they said...
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    Inside the Lines on An Off-Day Sunday

    It's an off-day as far as wagering is concerned, for most bettors. People just aren't betting on Olympic events like downhill skiing, etc. You could think of this show as the Post Pro Bowl, Olympics, NBA All-Star, Daytona 500 Show. Quote from Homer Simpson: "Don't worry, the new football...
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    Canada v Finland Update

    Luongo should get the start today in goal for Canada. Also, it's reported by guys covering in Turin that they will be juggling (tinkering with) some of their lines today, especially on the power play. On the pp they were 1-9 vs Germany and of course 0-13 yesterday vs the Swiss. In scoring...
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    Calling All Degenerates...Rookies vs Sophs

    Last 5 years SOPHS MORE THAN 10½ (LINE AT MY BOOK) 2005 - Sophomores 133, Rookies 106 2004 - Sophomores 142, Rookies 118 2003 - Sophomores 132, Rookies 112 ROOKIES WIN OR LESS THAN 10½ 2002 - Rookies 103, Sophomores 97 2001 - Sophomores 121, Rookies 113 2100 - Rookies 92, Sophomores 83 IN...
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    Inside the Lines Pro Bowl Edition

    First of all, thanks to the guys that have said they find this writeup useful. It's good to know that some find it helpful. This is from the FAN590 show Inside the Lines. TOCKETGATE INVESTIGATION With the betting "scandal" these guys say that they are now in demand as "experts". Usually...
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    Inside the Superbowl XL Lines @ the Stardust

    From the Fan590 Radio Show. A few introductory notes. At the game today there will be 70-75%Steeler fans. And the PUBLIC money is all Steelers. But the line will not move off 4-4½. More on this later from Bob Scucci at the Stardust. The point is that Seattle is an obscure team. In order...
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    Crosby Out Tonite

    TSN just said that Sid is under the weather and is out vs Ottawa.
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    Viagra Collection for Ottawa

    This soft fickle team...cripes, it looked like the first round of the playoffs and it is only January. Canada's hope indeed. Can we take up a collection for something to make them hard ?
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    Oilers-Coyotes Preview

    Ok..I lifted this from an official site and figured that since there is only one game left tonite, I'd pass on a bit of food for thought. If anyone has any ideas, please post em! And NBL. ;) GAME: Edmonton Oilers (27-18-6) at Phoenix Coyotes (26-24-2). TIME: Sunday, 8 p.m. EST. The...
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    Inside the Superbowl XL Lines and More

    From the Fan590 radio program. We heard from Dave Malinsky (from Vegas), Scott Kaminsky (Sportsbook Director at a prominent offshore book who may not be a sponsor of this site) and Bob Scucci from the Stardust. EARLY THOUGHTS The present Superbowl odds (-4 plus juice at many places, -3½ plus...
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    Inside the Championship NFL Lines @ the Stardust

    From the Fan590 Radio Show...just a couple points that came up in the preliminaries. Dogs have been 11-5 ATS in Championship games. In the last 3 years, all 6 Championship games have been decided by double digits. Dave Malinsky's Segment Congrats to Dave for last week's pick of Pittsburgh...
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    Inside the Divisional NFL Lines @ the Stardust

    From the Fan590 Inside the Lines radio show. Dave Malinsky's segment gives his views and picks. Dave started out by commenting that the New England run was one of the great stories of all time, especially from a gambling viewpoint. So often they were expected to lose, have their run come to...
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    Inside the Wild Card Stardust Lines

    Dave Malinsky Segment It was pointed out that all week people have been talking about playoff starts for 1st time QBs. They would be 9-5 in recent games after yesterday. Question is: is this overplayed as an advantage? Dave suggested that this is the WRONG TAKE and that guys in 1st time...
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    Happy New Year Inside the Stardust Lines

    Well, this is it, last week of the regular season. Lots of meaningless games, maybe nothing games depending on what happens in other games, lay down games or maybe not...a real linesmakers mess. :confused: The first segment from Vegas is with Dave Malinsky. (The red-hot Dave Malinsky who...
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    Inside the Stardust NFL Christmas Lines

    This is from the Fan590 Inside the Lines radio show, with the centrepiece being the Stardust Sportsbook director Bob Scucci. And his information on where the money is moving. It's an abbreviated program today, and so is this report. First the Dave Malinsky segment. He is home in...
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    Sharks/Rams Brew

    Maddog may be right about the Ducks being the play tonite, and that the Thorton boost may have worn off, but I would not bet on it. And I sure as shootin wouldn't lay -175 on the Sharks. we go again...hookin it with the Rams At Home against the 49ers who are in a race to lose with...
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    Inside the NFL Lines @ the Stardust

    From the radio program on the Fan590. The first segment was a talk with Dave Malinsky in Vegas. Dave was asked if the results yesterday will affect today's lines, e.g. Miami being eliminated. He said "not really". Washington will bring it's A game today in any case, for example. And in...