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    NFL 3 team ML parlay

    Starting in the 2010 divisional round, there have been 13 double-digit underdogs. Those teams are 2-11 against the spread. Only the Titans at the end of the 2019 season pulled off a win. In the 12 other games the average margin of victory is 17.4 points for the favorites. The only time a...
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    NFL 3 team ML parlay

    Yes, I've been adding and adding to that same parlay all week. Maybe too much, but: Sometimes the obvious play is the right one. Be cautious taking double-digit underdogs in the NFL playoffs, because the favorite is in a must-win situation. Remember, it’s not stealing if it is done with the...
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    New England + ml Parlay

    sorry...duplicate, I think
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    NE in Lookahead Parlay

    Parlay (+154) New England Patriots - Arizona Cardinals Money Line – Game – NFL New England Patriots -133 Miami Dolphins - Buffalo Bills Money Line – Game – NFL Buffalo Bills -346 Kansas City Chiefs - Houston Texans Money Line – Game – NFL Kansas City Chiefs -797
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    Mon Dec 12

    Every forum should have someone like Ice Cold. :)
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    Monday Night

    Nice writeup, some good points. Thanks!
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    Week 13 CFL plays

    Thanks for the picks and especially the reasoning. :)
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    MLB Saturday

    Sorry, did not take in that you were in a rush. Oops. Hope you did not make "the bet" and do well on the Derby.
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    MLB Saturday

    Um, is not Gausman pitching for Toronto today? And Bieber not facing an inconsistent Angels team, but the Blue Jays?
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    MLB Thursday

    Thanks for giving your reasoning in brief. Whether we agree or not, at least you say a bit about where you are coming from. You set a great example for everyone!
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    Sun March 13

    Nice call! :)
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    TNF Play

    I believe Denver is at Cleveland tonight. But good luck.
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    Holy Heinekens, Batman, you sure got that right! Nice.
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    GC: CFB Non Conf. Power System Play Army at Wisky

    Hey, I've been trying to find someone with a decent take on Wisky and I will include them in a ml parlay with Alabama, Okie, and Nevada. Thanks!
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    RhodyJoe's Picks of the Day

    I have viewed for sure, so there is some kind of technical problem. Please keep posting.
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    GC: Saturday NFLX Power System Play

    Just an FYI on some late breaking news. Not trying to say your play is or was not sound as written. "This non-conference showdown opened with Green Bay listed as a short 2.5-point home favorite. Wiseguys have pounced on the Jets, flipping New York from + 2.5 to -2.5. The Jets are in a classic...
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    GC: Saturday MLB Power System Play

    Thanks for the post and especially all the detailed information! We can see what the pick is based on, and that's good. :)
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    GC: Monday MLB Power System Play

    Good information! Thanks and good luck.
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    GC: Friday MLB Power System Play

    Hmmm. Very interesting, makes one think. Thanks!
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    MLB - Sunday, June 13

    Good luck! I have these two in my POD parlay.